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Abhay Deol’s new film One By Two sees him playing the boring boy next door, but what happens when destiny (in the form of a girl) enters the equation? He reveals all is an exclusive interview for Asiana.Tv

Posted: 29.01.14

So we hear that One By Two isn't the usually boy meets girl plot…
It’s the story of two individuals who have an impact on each other's destiny by doing certain actions, yet they are strangers. They are not even aware that someone out there is having such an influence on their lives. The challenge was to create such a relationship between two strangers. I have not seen that in any film so far. 

Your character Amit plays the guitar, albeit a little badly, is this true in real life or are you actually a maestro when it comes to making music?
Haha he doesn’t play it badly! His girlfriend tells him he is boring at everything he does but that does not necessarily mean he is. He is a regular middle-class guy with a 9 to 5 job. He lives with his parents as most boys in our culture do. He's sacrificed his dream to pursue his career. He's a bit of a mamma's boy, and as a result of this, feels a bit frustrated. In real life I can't play any musical instruments unfortunately!

Amit’s main character trait is that he’s boring. What would you say is boring about you?
There is nothing boring about me! Well, when I'm in Bombay I tend to stay at home and not go out at all. I guess a week of doing that could be considered quite boring! Preeti on the other hand keeps me on my toes - must be a Yorkshire thing!

In the trailer Amit is seen asking Samara (played by British actress Preeti Desai who’s in the toilet next door) for loo paper. Have you ever done this in real?
Hmm I used the ladies loo once! I was desperate and the gent’s were completely full. The ladies’ was just a single cubicle and no one was around when I went in, so I thought I’d slip in and out. The embarrassing moment happened afterwards when I left the bathroom only to meet a long line of women waiting outside. I got the coldest stares that day!

The film is called One By Two, what’s better to be a one or part of a two?
Hmm, part of a two I would think. I guess there’s no clear answer to this. It depends on the individual or the situation.
What were your first impressions of each other when you met for the first time and what were your last on the final day of filming? 
My first impression of Preeti was that she is a really beautiful, intelligent woman… and that the dress she was wearing does her no justice haha! On the final day of shooting I felt exactly the same, except she was dressed better than the first time we met.

It’s your first film as a producer, we’d rather you were in front of the camera, not behind it…what are your thoughts?
Thanks! My first passion will always remain acting. I decided to produce because I want to keep discovering new talent, whether that is in the form of directors or actors. Most of the films I have made so far have not been mainstream, formulaic Bollywood films. I'd like to keep developing the non-Bollywood formula film genre and give it a good platform. I want to help directors make the film exactly as they envisioned it. I want such films to have a wide release so more people can get a chance to see them.

One By Two is released in the UK on January 31st 2014.  

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