PC Stands for Paul Chowdhry

A quick chat with the funnyman who looks like Prince...

Posted: 02.03.12

You look a lot like Prince...
I get that all the time. I’ve actually played him in a show on BBC 3. And I’ve been reliably informed that people keep mistaking him for me. I hope he’s funny. I’d hate somebody to meet Prince and walk away thinking ‘that Paul Chowdhry doesn’t tell very good jokes…’

Jay Sean is a big fan…
He actually wanted to do stand up comedy with me at one point, but luckily for him, he stuck to making music. It’s as hard to craft a great song as it is to pen a winning gag, but with music you can go on stage and sing one hit and everyone will cheer, but with comedy, you can’t just crack one joke.

Why are comedians miserable in real life?
It’s the same with models! They look beautiful and carefree but inside they’re all troubled and tense worrying about stretch marks and complex carbs. We’re entertainers. We need to hear constant applause, and people don’t clap every time they see you because then they would be mad.

Some people don’t see the funny side...
I got heckled by a racist on CH5’s The Wright Stuff, and I destroyed him, he then came back and attacked me. The police got involved and told me to take action, but my way of dealing with idiots is to make everyone laugh at him. Job done.

Tell us about your new show…
It’s called Not PC and deals with religion, the trouble with finding the right caste,, and sex basically. It’s partly knowing humour for those in the Asian community, but it’s also an eye opener for those outside the culture who don’t realise Asians get more pissed and shag around than they do. I do like to mock our own though, especially the Asian lads who believe people will think they’re black if they start a fight, and Asian girls who hardly wear any clothes and then wonder why men keep hitting on them!

You’re a budding actor…
I’m in the new Martin Freeman movie Swinging With The Finkels, where I play his freshie friend offering terrible advice on women, but I’m not considering serious roles. I could’ve played a starring role in Panorama, who wanted me to do a reconstruction of the 7/7 bombers because apparently I resembled one of them. I think they asked Prince instead…
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