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Bollywood celebs and their animalistic Chinese zodiac signs…

Posted: 19.02.15

What do Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and a horse all have in common? These two B-town stars were born in the year of the horse, according to Chinese astrology. What does this mean you must be thinking! In line with the Chinese zodiac, there are 12 animals with which ancient oriental beliefs have denoted particular years. Whichever year you were born is associated with a specified animal, which then indicates your personality traits. So if you are expecting a baby, this year is the year of the sheep or goat! The selection of animals chosen by the Chinese supremacies is interesting, so we couldn't shy away from a rare but fun opportunity to liken our favourite Bollywood heroes and heroines with random creatures. Be warned - you may be surprised, amused or offended by the following revelations…

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - Born on 1st November 1973, Year of the Ox

Bearing the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox, Ash is supposedly reliable and honest. Being the daughter -in-law of the Bachchans and wife of junior Bachchan is no small feat - the Bachchans would expect no less, surely! An Ox is ambitious and determined, which certainly defines the former Miss World, whose ongoing hard work and dreaming big has gained her exceptional successes. Sounds like an auspicious kind of year to be born in!

John Abraham - Born on 17th December 1972, Year of the Rat

Fans and admirers of John Abraham, we advise that you look away now! What you are about to read may just shatter dreams of your fantasy man. Even we had to think twice before featuring this one, but in respect and honour of the venerable greater forces of the universe, the truth must be told and shared. Rat babies can be cunning, scheming and manipulative - which we sure hope he isn't! But it's not all bad. Other than images of disease and vermin coming to mind, rats can also be interpreted as being quick-witted, resourceful, versatile and smart, which can be applied to John's real life scenario when he broke up with Bipasha and moved on swiftly to his now wife, Priya Runchal.

Deepika Padukone - Born on 5th January 1986, Year of the Tiger

The vivacious tigress, Deepika - sounds very apt! The leggy lass' gracious demeanour also personifies her confidence, which is an inevitable characteristic of the tiger. Being independent also defines her, when she had a career change at a young age from sports personality to glamour queen - which she carried off superbly. When she hit back at the Times of India for tweeting about her cleavage in a picture, boldly maintaining her dignity and challenging the media giant, this just demonstrated her open and brave nature.

Shah Rukh Khan - Born on 2nd November 1965, Year of the Snake

Topping the Forbes list more than once, the Baadshah of Bollywood lives up to the traits of the snake, as they are supposedly amazing with money. His romantic and chivalrous persona is a reflection of his snake-like qualities, as they are associated with excellent manners and are intellectual, as well as philosophical.

Check out this chart to see which animal qualities you are supposed to possess...

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