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UK’s leading international music group, RDB collaborate with Ludacris 

Posted: 02.03.12

Congratulations on your new track. You guys are making huge Bollywood waves…
It feels great, we cant ask for anything more really. It’s still a stepping stone and we’ve not set our goals as yet, we’re still trying to aim higher and higher. So hopefully more films more things. This whole collaboration that we have done now is a great feeling.

What has the transition been like from the UK to Bollywood? A learning curve, in terms of music, lyrics, business - everything is vastly different. It is a big change, it took a little while to get into that change especially on the business front because its different timings and mentality of working. With the Singh is Kinng project we were working with Snoop and then with Indian directors and producers, so putting that together was a really complicated situation but we managed to get it done.

Did you find that you had more opportunities out there compared to the UK?
More money (laughs). There are more opportunities because it opens up to a wider audience. It’s an international scene so its a lot bigger then the industry that we originally started with, which was the UK. But the UK industry is where the talents actually coming from, there is so much talent in the UK, that’s where we have been recognised. So people out there, like the stars are actually listening to everything that is going on here in the UK as well as America and Canada.

So you haven’t left the UK scene?
No its nothing like that what so ever, its where ever the opportunities are. We have gone over there and done songs but we’re still making our album Worldwide, since 2009. It’s called that because it’s got Bollywood sounds and everything in it. Every time we go to meet a producer, and pitch an idea for a film, we show him our album first, and generally they just say fine and will just take songs from the album. ‘Sansar’ from the Speedy Singhs, was meant to be on our album so they just keep taking them and then we have had to replace them, so we have never had the chance to kind of catch up, but where almost there now.

So yet another Akshay collaboration. How does it feel to be working with him once again on this track?
Anytime your working with Akshay is always an experience because he likes to get so involved in the music and in the videos but its no different to what we have done before with Akshay. Just that this time it’s on a bigger scale because you got people like Russell Peters and Drake and all these guys in the video.

How did it all come about?
The Ludacris collaboration happened when we pitched the idea to the film producers. We had the song initially, right from the beginning, but the song was missing something and we basically gave the idea to the producers saying we did Singh is Kinng with Snoop, which did really well, and created an international field. There were a lot of names thrown into the basket and they were 100% backing the idea, and Luda is known for his collaborations, he's known to do all these collaborations across the mainstream industry as well as other stuff and he’s eager to try new things. So when we sent him the beat, he loved the beat, he was 100% backing.

But it must feel great for you guys because your bringing Urban Asian to Bollywood…
It's getting easier. As you do more and more, then you have got them in your basket. With a proven track record of introducing mainstream acts into Bollywood, their tapping into a industry that they potentially would never have access to, and because India is now diversified, totally modern, up market, there’s more clubs and night clubs and music and DJ's there now then ever before, so it just makes natural progression sense. So to be the guys who are actually bringing and connecting these two huge worlds together is a great feeling, its absolutely brilliant.

And they love our culture as well…
I remember Singh is Kinng when we were at the video shoot and the first time Snoop walked on and stood next to Akshay, we were thinking that it’s just amazing. To have these two men to stand next to each other, and to be actually be in the same project is a feat in itself. And these guys embrace the culture so much that Snoop actually, when he saw Akshay wearing the turban wanted to wear it as well, so he was fully clothed into the whole outfit, turban and felt like a king and it all just worked so well.

Camilla Belle was also on the video shoot…
She was a bit shy because obviously she doesn’t want to offend anyone so she was kind of reserved to a certain extent. The choreographers said everyone can go loose and do whatever they want so obviously a lot of it is all just trying to look cool and walk around.

Can we see you guys doing some Panjabi moves?
We don’t dance, famously don’t dance and even alcohol doesn't help, it actually makes it worse.
It's ruled as the hottest track of this season. That must feel really exciting! It’s doing incredibly well. When our songs a hit, the first person to call is Akshay and he always congratulates us. Normally we say ‘thanks man’ but it really is incredible. We got this amazing fan base in India who just lap off everything that we do, and they always support us no matter what we do and it's incredible.

What was it like shooting the video?
Did you have any funny encounters? Russell was the most funniest I would say. Anything that this guy says or any word that always comes out of his mouth is hilarious. Even when he was supposed to look cool he was giving all these stupid faces so he was the funniest part in the whole video shoot to be honest, everyone else was really professional. It was really controlled because Ludacris was on set so it no extra people on set.

We know you guys find these videos very long and boring at times, so does Akshay entertain you throughout the whole time?
We entertain Akshay! At one point we was doing a shot, we’re all coming out of the shutter, and we obviously had to try and look really cool as we walk out, and Akshay turned around and said we should do something stupid. As soon as the shutter opens we walked for about five seconds really cool and then we bust out into some bhangra and start dancing all the way down, and no body expected that. They just carried on rolling and took the shot for bloopers. I think they even put it into the video.

The track is called Shera Di Kaum Punjabi…
It means Punjabi pride, almost like we are strong as lions. We’re really proud of our strengths and what we can do.
Speedy Singh is out now 

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