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Rani Mukerjee makes a welcomed comeback in Talaash

Posted: 26.11.12

Every Bollywood fan gets excited when they know Rani is going to be in a film. She’s one of a kind. Utterly beautiful, graceful and so charming, that when we see one of her characters go through a hard time, we can’t help but shed a tear or two. What’s even sadder however is that these days she’s in so few films. While it’s nice to see younger stars in the limelight, what we are all really interested in is when will the queen on the screen return?
Thankfully our thoughts have been answered, as Rani stars in this week’s major release Talaash starring Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor. We caught up with her to find out what it was like to be back infront of the camera. 

We are soooooo excited to see you on screen again! What was it about this script that made you say yes?
For me, it’s always about the story. I’m really, really excited about Talaash as it’s my third thriller film and I can’t wait to find out how the audience reacts. I liked the story and then I fell in love with the character. But overall there were many reasons – also the film deals with loss, true loss which I haven’t tried before.

How challenging was the role compare to others you’ve done?
I don’t want to say too much about her – but the complexity of her character is very charming. She’s certainly different to the last character I played.

We hear you’re a big fan of saris…
I have always worn saris in most of my movies – they have always been part of my life on screen and off screen. They are very elegant! I’m very used to wearing them, it only takes me two minutes to wrap one on although there’s three ways of draping I usually choose from. My favourite draping at the back, I think that the best way of wearing a sari!

The film is called Talaash, what one thing in life you have been searching for and have you found it?
We are all looking for something good in life and hopefully we will all get it!

What was it like being re-united with Aamir Khan?
Aamir and are are friends so we are very comfortable working with eachother. We found it funny and exciting working together - it was really really cool. As an actor he is so dedicated and has got even more perfect over the years. The quality of his work is unbelievable.

Aamir plays a cop, what do you think about men in uniform?
I think they look pretty cool…especially if they to have a good body! I think men in formalwear is generally really whether he is a police cop, or he’s in a movie or he’s in the army. I think everyone appreciated it.

What’s next?
Its only been three weeks since I’ve been off set so don’t complain too much! I would love to do an action film, but for now I’m just waiting and in the meantime I keep training.

Interview by Anisha Vasani and Sonia Ahmed

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