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Punjabi actress Neeru Bajwa talks to Simi Gupta about life on the Big Screen

Posted: 15.08.14

Tell us about your new film Ae Gaya Munde UK…
It’s a Punjabi romantic comedy; a typical boy meets girl romance but in this case the plot revolves around two British born Punjabi men investigating their roots by visiting their homeland. It’s part two of the first film Munde UK De, however it’s not actually a continuation.

How did you get into acting?
I’m originally from Canada, and left home in order to pursue my acting career. I went through the original struggle of getting through auditions but fortunately landed up working in the Punjabi film industry. I have acted in Hindi cinema, but wasn’t happy with the outcome. I’ve also tried other opportunities to heighten my career but honestly I have had some regrets. I feel that I’m settled within the Punjabi industry now and will grow from here.

What’s the Punjabi industry like in India?
It restarted roughly 10 years ago and I too have been in the industry for that long. It is definitely big in India and continuously growing. I have been fortunate enough to have attained major leads in the industry and the characters I play are getting better and better.

What is your daily routine as an actress like?
I’m always up on the go. My day starts in the early hours and it’s straight to the gym. After that I’m in the zone of continuously shooting and promoting my films.

What’s the difference in lifestyle between living in Canada and India?

I’ve been living in Mumbai for the past 10 years and like London life there is much faster paced. Canada is a lot more conservative. 

What advice can you give those who want to enter into acting?
All I can say that it is important to be thick skinned. Getting your foot into acting is a challenge but it is vital not to give up. 

Ae Gaya Munde UK was released in cinemas on August 8th 2014

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