The Emperor of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan and his costars talk about Balki’s latest directional journey

Posted: 04.02.15

Shamitabh seems to be peaking just in time for its 6th February release. The Bollywood picture stars Amitabh Bachchan, whose name rightly drives an entire nation wild, Dhanush, whose acting talent soars and Akshara Haasan, who has chosen the perfect film to make her debut in the industry.

The plot for the movie has all been kept very hush, hush. Even if you’ve watched the trailer for the film you may still be feeling slightly muddled, as confused was an understatement for how we felt after. However, don’t panic as we got chatting to the stars of the show, which in turn cleared up our bewilderment and got the excitement for its release pumping.

Shamitabh is the unique story of two individuals who possess different talents and need to find a way to work together to make their ideas a success. 'Most people think they can do it alone, most people think they have done it all. It is not like that. Behind every successful person, there is a team,' explains the Big B.

Dhanush plays a character that is a mute but has amazing acting skills, whereas Bachchan is the complete opposite, a guy who has an incredibly impactful voice but no acting talent whatsoever. On their own neither can accomplish any achievement in the film industry, however combined and with the additional help of a journalist, played by Aksara Hassan who observes the two, their talents combine and a completely new artist is born. Dhanush becomes the on screen personality and Bachchan becomes the voice. We imagine that using the same voice for two characters must have been unusual during the filming process and the stars of the show all seemed to agree. 'It was very different and weird, it was tougher to perform because the film was first voiced over and then I had to perform for the voice. To hear his voice and not perform like him is an even bigger task.' Dhanush comments with Bachchan adding, 'his facial expressions are going to be different to my voice but he has still remained himself as an actor and as a character in the film but performed according to someone else’s voice, and I think that, that’s really tough.' Praise all round it seems! We are left wondering if someone's voice alone can play the lead role in a movie? Also, don’t think the story ends there, as that would have been far too easy. An ego fight breaks out, causing the two to drift apart and diminish any greatness that was achieved prior.

The movie is said to have been given to Mr Bachchan by Balki as his 70th birthday present. The Indian cinema superstar joked around saying, 'Actually during the process of these promotional activities I’m also coming to know of this, I didn’t know about this before. But he keeps saying that he was on his way to my house and stuck in a traffic jam and he felt that he should be giving me a gift so he thought of this story and that’s how that happened.'

To wrap up we asked the Big B, if we’d hear more of his singing voice as he was recently in the news for his soulful performance of the National Anthem at Jorasanko. He cheekily replied, 'My voice is terrible. I'm not a singer but there are wonderful instruments these days called auto-tune. You sing in whatever rubbish manner, feed it into this beautiful machine and it makes you sound like Frank Sinatra.'

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