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DJ Tichy B talks clubbing, food & Peter Andre

Posted: 16.11.12

Your real name is Nikky, how did Titchy B come about?
Well, I’m a bit short! People used to call me ‘titch’ when I was growing up so when it came time to decide on a DJ name I knew that this had to be it!

We hear you’re obsessed with Peter Andre. REALLY?!
I’ve always loved Peter Andre, I bought his first single and remember being so crushed when he came to Birmingham to do a concert and not being able to make it. I would love to do collaboration with him…it may take some time - but I’m adamant on making it happen!

As a DJ you’ve clearly been on some good nights out, what has been the best?
There was a club in Asia that I went to years ago, I can’t even remember the name but they had flames running across the whole bar and the atmosphere was crazy. I even went back to that side of the world recently, to Hong Kong to visit my sister and her husband and I ended up drawing a lot of influence from the music scene out there.

Sounds like you have a useful family!
My parents have always kept me going. Music is a very demanding industry, and one that requires you to be out at all hours but my parents are the ones who pushed me - it got to a point where if I was home, my dad would be like, ‘why aren’t you out?’. They are extremely supportive.

What’s your all time favourite Panjabi track?
Apna Sangeet! You can’t beat it! As much as we all try to get influenced from songs that were ‘back in the day’ this is the one, you just can’t outdo a live performance like that!

What is the most challenging part of being a producer?
Getting the right version of the track and being fully satisfied with it. There were times when I would be in the studio for days working on the track, then I would take a break and come back and just not like it anymore. People would hear it and tell me how much they liked it, but it’s very different when you’re listening to the track all the time, you can't tell if there’s something missing.

How did your debut collaboration with new artist, Kiren Singh come about?
I was looking out for a new artist and Kiren saw an ad and got in touch with me – it turned out we were both at school together. I told him to come into the studio, put him on the spot and told him to sing. I don’t believe in auto tune or messing with someone’s voice, you need to be able to sing.

Your other talent is food. Tell us more…

I did a course at the Birmingham College of Food. I love cooking, mainly English and French cuisine. I can make curries; but nothing like my mum's, she used to make a joke about mine saying that they are ‘Westernisied’ curries! But honestly, I can make any thing out of any thing. If you give me a random selection of vegetables I’ll be able to make them into something yummy!

Titchy B’s debut produced single Chak Glassy is out now.

Interview by Gayatri Sahay


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