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The RSC have gone Indian!

Posted: 21.09.12

It’s got saris, Syal and a sumptuous soundtrack – the Royal Shakespeare’s Company‘s newest production is The Byrd's Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Iqbal Khan.
Premiered at The Courtyard Theatre in Stratford last month the plays rolls into London on Monday for five weeks and will be on at the Noel Coward Theatre. Set in modern day Delhi, the adaptation of the popular comedy is part of the World Shakespeare Festival where Shakespeare’s famous plays have been given a global twist.
The cast includes Meera Syal, Kulvinder Ghir, Madhav Sharma and Amara Karan who recently starred alongside Meera in the film All In Good Time
We grabbed Amara during play rehearsals to find out why we should watch it and here’s what she said!

Amara Karan’s 5 reasons for why you should watch Much Ado About Nothing

It saves you going on holiday
This is one hot, sexy and spicy play! It’s very Indian. Watching it transports you to India - from the sounds to the settings, costumes and smells. Even the accents which was one of the things I enjoyed the most! You’ll spot quirky details and authentic aspects that really do make you feel like you’ve entered another country.

There’s a Big Fat Indian Wedding
The wedding scene is remarkable. It captures the beauty of an extravagant Indian wedding, with incredible colours and a party atmosphere – it’s one of my favourite scenes, but also one of the toughest. However a play wouldn’t be Asian without a bridal scene and this is one everyone is going to enjoy!

This is Shakespeare for people who don’t like Shakespeare
I guarantee this will change any image you have of Shakespeare. It makes his plays accessible for the first time to the Asian audience. The language is the same, we’ve abbrieviated it slightly but at its essence it’s Shakespeare…just literally with extra spice!

You’ll laugh…and you’ll cry

The story takes you through the full experiences of human nature – it’s humourous, touching, harrowing, ugly and romantic. You’ll get a taste of all these different emotions and that’s what makes the story so universal. My character Hero in particular is someone you’ll feel for. She is accused of adultery and the predicament she’s in made me feel so sad. There’s some real injustices in the plot yet she has a fighting, optimistic spirit – and of course there’s a good dose of romance even when life is bleak.  

The music is fantastic!
Nirag Chirag who did the soundtrack for All In Good Time and also for the Wah! Wah! Girls has come up with another fantastic score. The music is the life blood of the play, it carries each scene and helps bring it to life. He will wow you!

Much Ado About Nothing is on at The Noel Coward Theatre from 24th September to 27th October.
Tickets: 0844 482 5141 or


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