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Eco chic shoppers in paperback

Posted: 16.04.13

                                                                                       Tote bag designs by Angus Hyland for Cass Arts
Bags, shoppers, totes, whatever you call them, the chances are you probably own several. One man you owns slightly more than that however is designer Jitesh Patel. So obsessed was he with the humble re-usable cotton bag that he decided to start collecting them. He recorded his purchases on a blog showcasing the work of over 100 designers and artists. Many were printed by indie artists giving them a chance to get their work seen all over the world. Fast forward a few years and Jitesh who also works as an illustrator and multi-disciplinary artist has turned his blog into a mini picture book called The Tote Bag.

Tote bag design by Triboro

The book features the work of more than 120 designers and illustrators including Angus Hyland, eBoy, Gemma Correll, HUGE, Jeremyville, Pepa Prieto, Sara Jensen, and Zaihasriah Zahidi with totes that feature poignant slogans like ‘Nobody Panic! I Know Origami And...Pilates’, and ‘The End Is Nigh’.

Tote bag design by Carla & Hugo for Pinopaco

A unique record of current times, the book is a great talking point and the perfect gift for creative friends and family. In fact its cute compact size makes it a great gift to send in the post, perhaps with a fold up tote bag too?

The Tote Bag mini edition by Jitesh Patel is published Laurence King and is on sale now priced £9.95.


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