Vidya plays dirty

Find out how much convincing it really took Vidya Balan to play the heroin in The Dirty Picture

Posted: 02.03.12

Congratulations for ‘The Dirty Picture’. Is it true you asked the director to leave your house when you read the script?
In some ways it is slightly true because I had never done anything similar to this before, therefore when I first read the script I thought it was very risky, shocking and a bit raunchy but after talking it though and fully understanding Silk Smitha’s character the worry melted away, as I knew I could trust the team to do a good job. Director Milan is also a well respected and I knew the film would be both very tasteful and very funny.

Why do you think the director chose you to play the role?
Funny enough on my first day I asked our director and casting team why the chose me, the director said he would tell me at the end of filming the movie. When we had completed filming the movie I asked him again, and he said, he had tricked me and that the only reason I stayed to shoot the film was to get the answer but I really don’t know why I was offered the part, maybe because I was the only foolish one willing to wait.

Were you initially scared of what people will think?
No, I have never worried as I know that I can’t have every job that will be approved by my family or friends, as everyone will have a different opinion on what they believe is good or bad. I have to stick to what I think is best for me. My character is sexy, she has attitude and will use her sexuality to get what she wants, some would see this as a negative, I see it as empowerment.

How comfortable were you with the clothes you had to wear?
Some of the garments are a bit raunchy but I never felt uncomfortable wearing it, I never once felt shy on set. We had many costume try outs, which gave me time to get into character and also the professional atmosphere from the cast and set made everything very relaxed and calm.

How challenging was your character?
Silk Smitha and I are completely different women, she is provocative and powerful, she is sharp and quick as she uses her sexuality to get what she wants, she is strong and empowering which is what I like that about her.

You stated this role was demanding, exhausting, tiring yet fulfilling…and like a work out…
The dance routines were very demanding. The rehearsals seemed like a daily work out, but we were lucky to have an amazing dance teacher and dance team, which I learned a lot from. I was taught how to be provocative and sexy and how to become Silk Smitha.

You must’ve loved playing an actress in the 80’s…

When growing up I saw all the glamour’s stars on the TV and big screen. Since I was young I’ve always wanted to act, but also become a dancing star, and for me Bollywood is the perfect fit.

What was it like romancing three different men in The Dirty Picture?

It was so funny, we had such a laugh and I got to share three lovely men...lucky me!

Have you realised what your niche is as an actor?
My favourite type of script that usually catches my eyes are comedies or dramas. I’m definitely not a selective kind of girl but I do love a bit of romance, however I am open to anything I believe in. I want to connect and get lost in a story, to fully devote myself to something so whenever a new script comes around I am always looking for that perfect match.
The Dirty Picture is out in cinemas now 

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