Vidyut Jamwal

Vidyut Jamwal tells you his true Force

Posted: 30.09.11

Usually Bollywood finds villains who are quite fierce looking and that sure weren’t the case with you!

These compliments will last me for another six months for sure! I feel very lucky and happy with what I’ve done in the film and as for playing the villain, well Keith Ledger is my man. The director wanted my look, a fit, action man and embody the villain within that.   

You are huge! Do you naturally have a big physique or do you have to train hard?

I started martial arts at the age of three and people are always talking about six and eight packs but I have naturally always had them, they have always been there and I believe anybody can have them. I’m also a gymnast and the national champion for that, so I’m well shaped. I do loads of action projects and I met Hrithik a few days ago and he is just as lean as I am!

If you and John were to fight, who would win?

I’m not a big as John. He is like a Hummer and I’m the sports car. If it was a mental fight, I’m sure I would win! The fighting scenes were superb when shooting. He is a fit guy so it made the scenes much more easier. We rehearsed together a few times on set and we had to run a lot and yes he caught up with me a fair few times.  

How did you find playing the villain - you beat 500 people in the auditions? Are you as mean as your character?

Firstly to be offered this role I feel like the lucky one. It was destiny and I always wanted to be involved in action movies and as a hero so I done everything that I had ever dreamed of. The character is not so mean, he is passionate but in reality I love everyone and everything. To give love, you need to be a hard man and honest to yourself.

You are a trained martial arts fighter and a trained gymnast and trained boys from the slums in Martial Arts…

When I moved to Mumbai I couldn’t find anyone who could twin with me! So I gathered some boys from the slums and they are like daredevils and have no fear factor as they as nothing to lose. So I started training with them and it’s what they are capable of doing that really impressed me.  

You have been kept under wraps for long…

The surprise package is always the best. Save the best till last! 

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