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You may not know her by face but you'll recognise her stunning vocals - Harneet Bhullar meets Bollywood singer Mamta Sharma

Posted: 10.06.14

Firstly, welcome to the UK, how does it feel to be here?
It feels great to be here it is my first time so I am definitely enjoying every bit of it.

You are most famous for your item song Munni Badnaam did you ever expect such a big response?
I loved the response I got for it; I never thought it would become such a big hit but I am very thankful to my audience. I especially was surprised by the awards. Most the time it is always the romantic songs that receive such awards. So it felt great to have won the first ever award for an item song - an amazing feeling.

From the item songs you have sung, which has been your favourite so far?
That is a tough one, I would say Munni Badnaam would always remain a favourite as it was my first and I received so much love. But other than that I do love Anarkali from the movie Housefull 2 It is different from the other item songs and was very fun to sing.

Is there any song that you feel you wish you had sung or felt could have sung it better?
No not really I feel that whatever is meant to be will be. So the songs I get are the songs I am meant to be singing. I would not be able to say which I would sing better etc because I believe all the singers do justice to their songs. If I do like some other artist’s songs then I do sing them on stage purely because I like the song.

I hear you are quite a linguist, how many languages do you speak?
I know eleven different languages however I do not talk in these languages I only sing in the languages.

What did you do before you got into Bollywood?
I was doing stage shows. Whilst doing these shows Jatin and Lalit ji who are music composers noticed me and there it what brought me into Bollywood. They believed I had something different in my voice that could be used in Bollywood so I am very thankful to them.

How does it feel to be in the glamorous world of Bollywood?
It feels great, however it feels like a normal thing it isn’t so exciting. I am greatful to people for recognising me for my songs I mean that feels great. For people to know me by my songs is a good feeling.

Item songs are often looked down upon, what are your comments and thoughts on this?
I agree, I do feel that item songs are looked down upon. But I do not think people actually realise how difficulty it is to sing an item song it is very tough. I believe item songs should be treated as funny songs. Item songs are great for functions because people love to dance to these tracks, as they are very enjoyable. You can’t just dance on romantic songs. I also feel that a movie with an item song usually gains great success as the song makes a difference to the promotion of the movie.

Who are the music composers you would want to work with?
I would love to work with them all! It would be lovely to work with Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy because their music is very classy and different; they create international type of music. Pritam Chakraborty is also an amazing composer he likes to experiment with voices which is interesting. Lets not forget A.R Rahman; he is someone I think we all want to work with! He’s unbelievable, so you never know, maybe one day. Lets see what the future holds!

What is your favourite song right now? Anything new playing on your I-pod or phone?
Yes there is, I love the song Sheeshe Ka Samundar from the movie The Xpose. It’s a beautiful song.

Any new projects you could fill us in about?
I have a few songs coming out soon in new movies, however I do not wish to give too much away. So lets wait for the surprise and see what you all think.

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