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Harneet Bhullar chats exclusively with Vidya Balan about her new movie Bobby Jasoos

Posted: 30.06.14

Your new movie Bobby Jasoos is released on the 4th July: your character has many different disguises in the movie, can you tell us more?
I play a female detective which involved me going under cover in different disguises. I enjoyed the dressing up aspect so much! We did lots of costume trials to find looks to make me look different each time. To be honest I actually most enjoyed dressing up as a male character. The whole gear, the moustache - I even have a look where I’m bald.

The picture of you as a begger has got a lot of people excited about the movie. What was it like dressing up like that especially as it is quite a change from the feminine costumes in Dirty Picture and Ghanchakkar?
Well the begger look was actually the first shoot we did in Hyderabad. I was sat next to real beggers which was quite an experience. It was however a lot of fun. A women actually walked by and told me off and even told me to get a job elsewhere which we all found so funny on the set.

How did you feel when that women thought you were actually a beggar as she walked by and gave such a comment?
I felt in character definitely especially as this was just our first day of shooting. So it started on a good note actually. She just left right after so she never even got the chance to know it was all a shooting for a movie. There was so much rush that so we didn’t have time to stop the shoot and tell her about it.

How was it working with first time director Samar Shaik?
He is a very good director and a great person to work with. He spends a lot of time understanding visions and is very inspiring. So I went along with confidence.

What exactly was it about this movie that made you say yes?
Well Bobby is a girl detective and the fact that this script was written for a female and then offered to me was exciting. The writer is very imaginative - I never imagined playing a part like it. The script has everything, the thrill, the ups and downs and Bobby is someone I can relate to and people can relate to also. She uses common sense, she is fun and from a small town. There’s so much fun in the movie and colour and the old city of Hyderabad is a bonus. It was all just fascinating for me so I had to say yes.

What research did you do to understand the demands of your character?
I think the main thing is that as an actor is that you always wonder about what people are like. I googled detective agencies and how they filter and what their approaches are. And lastly I was familiar with detective films anyway so that helped. 

Did you fear the chemistry with Ali Fazal was going to receive the same response Kismat Konnection did when working with Shahid Kapoor, because of the age gap?
I haven’t really thought about it, but I enjoyed working with him. We had a natural bond. I think the natural chemistry shows.

People expect a certain story when it comes to watch a Vidya Balan movie, what can the audience expect this time?
It’s very different and I’ve never done a role like this before and the character is fun. I enjoyed the burst of energy and I enjoyed being myself in the movie. So I’m sure people will feel the same energy when they watch it as I did whilst playing the part.

You have set such high standards, does this ever scare you?
Not really, every movie makes you nervous but I think I am as excited in all my films. Every film has its own destiny and story and I play different characters, so I enjoy the fact that people have these high expectations.

What are your thoughts on female detectives?
Well research tells us 85% of female detectives are housewives and I find this very interesting. But I think it’s fabulous if you can do something to earn money then why not. I mean it is unusual but exciting I must say. If they can balance it well then there’s no problem.

Can the male audience enjoy the movie too?
Yes of course, it is for the whole family really. For women, men and even children. It is for all the family clearly because it should be enjoyed together. It is also enjoyable for grandparents.

Why do you think people should go watch Bobby Jasoos?
Bobby is one of my most precious experiences. It’s just a fun ride and a funny movie. It has a universal story with hope and aspiration.

Bobby Jasoos is released on July 4th 2014

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