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Ritu Sethi explains why you can have it all!

Posted: 16.05.13

Now’s the time of year you should be deciding on your holiday reading, but it shouldn’t all be fiction. The new book by lawyer, Ritu Sethi, A Woman’s Guide To Having It All NOW, could change your life. It will certainly lead to you having a happier life, even after you return from sunny climates. 
Ritu isn’t just a lawyer who runs her own law firm, she’s also a qualified fitness instructor, a motivational speaker, was previously a chat show host with her own television show, is a mum of two and has now accomplished her first book; evidence you can do it all, no matter how busy you think you are.
Yet her life hasn’t all been rosy, she’d had many ups and downs including juggling family life with work, getting herself into £300,000 of debt and finding she didn’t have anyone to turn to. 

Her book is a response to this, ensuring other women do not have to suffer life she did. She explains: ‘I found that women needed encouragement and that’s why I wrote the book, it helps to achieve your own dreams, set your own goals and helps women today and the next generation.’

Ritu’s book is a self-help guide with exercises that will show you how to examine any aspects of your life you’re neglecting, advising how you can balance your life. She does this by using the Wheel Of Life, a development tool used in Life Coaching. The wheel splits into eight sections, which Ritu has used for each chapter. 
She explains what each part of the Wheel of Life means to her and how embracing them can help you Have It All: 


There is a lot of hard work involved in self-development – but I achieved my happiness and success through planning, preparation and persistence.

Finance and Wealth
My inspiration was that as a lawyer I couldn’t afford to run a practice while I was in debt. Integrity is such a big part of everything I say and do that it was a question of paying the bank back what I owed them. I had to clear £300,000 - I worked hard to wipe the slate clean and start afresh.   

Intimate Relationships
Are what you live for; if you work hard all day and go home and not enjoy your relationship at home, it makes everything much harder. 
As a divorce lawyer I see many marriages suffering, even though they’re financially well off; they are not devoting enough time to what really matters, which is the crux of why you go to work to look after family not the other way around. There is a saying that I admire; ‘have a corporate head and spiritual heart.’ 

Creative Expression and Spirituality 

Spirituality is something you feel but creativity is important – both help you bring peace and calm. 

Give your career as much focus as it needs but nothing more, because you also need to fulfill other parts of your life. Remember you have a career and a life outside of work.

It is tremendously important you have good health to allow you to achieve what you want to accomplish so never ignore your wellbeing, diet and fitness. I play badminton regularly while my husband plays golf.

Children and Family 

As a child you formulate and later emulate what thoughts you’ve formed so childhood is a crucial stage for development and learning. It’s important to focus on children and remember you are helping to shape their future.  

Social Life and Friends

A social life is important to me and I love having heart to hearts with my female friends! 

A Woman’s Guide To Having It All NOW, An Inspirational Journey To Becoming A Superwoman by Ritu Sethi is out now. (£9.99) by Pen Press Publication

Interview by Raj Mehta

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