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Bangladeshi comic artists collaborate for East London Comic Festival

Posted: 19.06.13

Bangladesh and comics may not sound like they go together but the nation has actually had a long love affair with graphic stories. Several publishing houses were set up in the 1980 but by the 90s, the book market has become saturated with cheap pirated Indian comics which nearly destroyed the local market.

In 2000 a group of artists got together to ensure Bengali comics survived and their work paid off. Today every newspaper in Bangladesh employs comic artists and four publishing houses dedicated to comic books are now in existence (Dhaka Comics, Kalpadut, Shuchipatra and Panjeeree).

Contentwise Bangladeshi comic books are largely adventure-based or have gag-type cartoons for kids which  appeal to children and adults - especially those with low literacy. 

This week a group of established Bangladeshi comic artists are traveling to the UK to take part in the East London Comics & Art Festival at York Hall, Bethnal Green. Ahsan Habib, Syed Rashad Imam Tanoy and Mehedi Haque will be taking part in a Ready, Steady Draw collaborative performance and hope to educate British comic fans about what goes on in the world of Bangladeshi comics. 

The 2nd East London Comics & Art Festival takes place Saturday 22nd June 2013.  

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