ABS Birmingham 2014: RDC London

Innovative embellishment on inspiring creations


Posted: 11.12.14

Once again Rashid Malik wowed the audience with his refreshing new collection for RDC London. Each garment was bespoke in its own individuality and grandeur. An enlightening amalgamation of colours were interwoven within each tapestry of design for each unique ensemble. Traditional colours of red and ivory were embodied with fresh ingenuity, by featuring alternative decorum and style, whilst pastels were emboldened with contrasting darker hues. Most interesting was the recurrent full coverage of exquisite zardozi embroidery, adding to the luxe of each outfit. The showstoppers of the night were awe-inspiring to say the least. One of the highlights was a  long graceful dress featuring various shades of pink that included distinct maroon patterns, finished with a thick gold border surrounding the lower drop and black thin border brimming the outline of the garment, finished with subtle blue tinges. Echoing authenticity and lustre, the glimmering emerald masterpiece was resonant of regality from Lucknow, gilded with gold and subtle hints of mandarin, vermillion and sapphire, whilst the dupatta was infringed with tiny golden baubles.
Fariha Sabir

Images: Rafyl
Hair & Make-up: Nina Ubhi Hair & Make-up Institute
Jewellery: Nargis Collections

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