ABS London 2015: Ahsan's

Traditional, stately sherwanis, resonating royal opulence

Posted: 13.02.15

Spectating as the line-up of lustrous sherwani-clad figures paraded down the catwalk, one would not have been surprised if a lavishly adorned elephant had followed, in true Mughal fashion. Such were the images from Ahsan's groom wear collection, where each outfit was befitting of a sultan, emperor and king - all of these titles came to mind and are apt descriptions, especially for the accessories which completed each grand garb, including the bejewelled turban headpieces and matching kusa shoes. Such details were elevated by the gold embossed thread-work and intricate zardozi embroidered patterns, contributing to the indulgent, rich look of each garment. Sumptuous hues of deep blue, ivories, reds and gold appropriately complemented the theme of antique splendour and eminence.

Ahsan's Bespoke Menswear
Images: Ignite Media Productions
Hair and make-up: Nina Ubhi Hair & Make-up Institute 

Fariha Sabir 

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