ABS London 2015: Kyles Collection

Lustrous and sublime adornments for the Maharani bride

Posted: 17.02.15

Luxurious jewels adorned the catwalk, creating a dazzling feast for the eyes. Successfully capturing the lustrous essence of an empress, Kyles' latest collection really was befitting of a Shezaadi in all her glory, complete with precious finishing bridal touches including hand panjas and side head jhoomars. The limelight was strewn on mostly traditional styles, evidently inspired by bygone dynasties of epic proportions, which was highlighted by the extravagant consummation of sumptuous pearls with rich ruby gems. Accentuating the authentic themed ornaments, were the intricate filigree cutwork details of classic patterns such as paisleys and leaves, resonating scenes from the decadent times of the Mughals. Glimpses of the filigree design will be featured in the forthcoming collections by Kyles, which as witnessed on stage, will focus on shapes such as balls and leaves, using metal and cutwork for a look so delicate, it is almost mesh-like. Amongst the timeless gold trinkets were also some contemporary designs, made of sophisticated ashen metal, perfect for the modern day bride. Also showcased were embellishments for the groom, demonstrating how these can complement the bride, creating the majestic resemblance of a perfectly co-ordinated Maharaja and Maharani on their royal day, as they embark upon beginning an empire of their own.

Kyles Collection
Images: Ignite Media Productions
Hair and make-up: Nina Ubhi Hair & Make-up Institute

Fariha Sabir 

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