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When it comes to creating new jewellery trends, leave it to the experts at The Lotus London

Posted: 06.07.15

It’s easy enough to follow the latest trends, but to create your own is extraordinary and special. That’s what The Lotus London is all about, where their team of talented designers and stylists invent unique accessories like no other, including ultra chic creations such as the double ring, the hand wrap and flower jewellery. Their passionate vision sets The Lotus London apart from other designers of such adornments – they are inspired by the latest trends, rather than simply following them as everyone else would. Aside from their inventions, custom made accessories can be designed in accordance to your preferences, and can be matched to co-ordinate your outfit. Whether you choose to have a say in your embellishments or leave it to the experts, you can boastfully take pride in knowing that no one will be wearing the same ornaments as your precious sets! Following a friendly consultation with Team Lotus, they will ensure your expectations and designs are met precisely, as well as lending their creative eye for some inspiration, then everything is assembled in house, and are mostly hand-made. If you fancy treating yourself to some sneaky bling, then you can buy in-store, and if you decide that you prefer the pink gems to be red instead, they can change that for you on the same day. How’s that for exceptional service!

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Hair & Make-up: Ashifa
Outfit: Zarkan of London

Fariha Sabir

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