Bet On Red And Black

Can't decide which colour to gamble on this season? Choose both for an undoubtedly winning combination.

Posted: 06.03.15

They've been a dominant combo the past few months with stylish brands proudly presenting their Spring 2015 campaigns alongside celebrities and models fronting red and black everywhere they go from Oscar's parties to hanging out. However, making it to the top of our list is the new collection by MAWI, we can't get enough of their ‘F*** Off, Mawi Is Here' range! The products explore innocent enchantment through naturalistic motifs, inspired by playful handwriting.

Asiana predicted that Red and Black would be the new winning colours for next seasons fashion trends (the cover of our winter issue was a homage to the boudoir colour scheme), which is why we absolutely adore the ‘Rose Gardens’ collection by MAWI. The darkly romantic and exquisitely ornate pieces portray show-stopping glamour through eastern decadence for a beautifully extravagant collection. A bold bouquet of acrylic roses are displayed across statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings in coral red and glossy black, set against delicate sprigs and sparkling leaves of crystal with ornate petals blooming across them.

Celebrating classic florals with vintage undertones, MAWI also applies these traditionally beautiful elements to ear cuffs, linear chokers and exotic hand chains – juxtaposing contemporary form with a delightfully old-school aesthetic.

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Zahra Suleman

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