Charmi Creations: Bridalwear 2013

Key looks from the Asiana Bridal Show Catwalk


Posted: 30.01.13

The was no escaping the Spanish influence in Charmi Creation’s festive designs. Fusing European and Asian styles, the pieces mixed fabrics, embroideries and shapes to create unique couture dresses.

Trends: Solid sequinning, Fusion flavours, Spanish fru fru skirts, Flamenco flavoured ruffles, Colourful appliqué, Festival flair, Disco diva

Charmi Creations
Pooh Corner, Sandy Lane, Northwood, HA6 3HB
+44 (0) 1923 519 545

Make-up: Ambreen
Hair: Aamir Naveed
Jewellery: Kyles Collection

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