Chopped Locks: New Look for 2015

Actresses defy the norm with short hair 

Posted: 05.01.15

From the very beginning of Bollywood, long tresses have always been desirable and symbolised as one of the main features of beauty and femininity. In fact, upon further reflection, it is astounding that we can hardly think of any different hairdos sported by actresses in India at all - they have always appeared with long hair, curly, wavy or straight.

The only time that stands out when a director allowed for some funky experimentation was Farhan Akhtar for Dil Chahta Hai, when we saw Preity Zinta with semi-short wavy hair, to help portray her character as modern. Funnily enough, the only other female actresses we saw with short hair were Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra in Fashion, which was to characterise their edgy, daring personalities whilst Urmila Matondkar also comes to mind in Ek Hasina Thi, who donned the cropped hair look, which apparently went well with her vengeful, at times lunatic mind!

There was also Kajol in the first half of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai with her bob hairdo, which again served a purpose to her role, in this case to make her look like a teenager. In other words, so far the only short hair that showed up on our screens was associated with rebellious, psychopathic, modern or teenage roles. Somehow, perhaps due to culture or Bollywood, long hair has always exuded traits like sophistication, elegance and grace.

But that is all changing in recent times, as the industry's boldest and finest darlings bring the sexy back to chopped mops. In 2014, Anushka Sharma surprised all with a refreshing pixie cut look for the movie PK, in which she plays a journalist, which again shows that short hair still defines bold qualities in a woman. Sonakshi Sinha cut her very long hair, creating such a glam-chic trend that many girls are now following suit to make a statement with their tresses.

Most remarkable of all is that queen of hearts Aishwarya Rai has shown off her new sassy short hairdo in the latest commercial of L'Oreal. The gorgeous Ash is making her comeback this year, so perhaps this was a professional requirement. Whatever the reason, since Ash has done it, this is sure to break the conventional mould and will perhaps make 2015 a stepping stone into a new age of hairstyles in Bollywood.

Fariha Sabir 

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