Couture Catwalk: parulSignature

Chic silk print sarees with an urban edge, for the futuristic fashionista... 

Posted: 10.10.13

Fun, flirtatious and fabulous: Asian fashion isn't always what you expect as parulSignature proved with her unique take on the sari. Created in London for the modern, urban British woman, these were sarees with style and charisma. Digitally printed designs and patterns transformed silk fabrics into works of art with colour combinations to appeal to all, including the allure of peacock shades, dark metallics and exotic tropical brights. 

Make-up: Ambreen MUA and team Hair: Aamir Naveed Hairstylist and team
Photography: Hats: Angels
Jewellery: Mawi Jewellers and Oceanic Jewellers

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