Designer profile: Danish Wakeel

Former Asiana model launches menswear label

Posted: 30.11.12

You may recognise me from the pages of Asiana Magazine!
I was discovered in a club in London and then was introduced to Anisha from Asiana Magazine and it went from there! The next thing I knew was walking for London Fashion Week shows for leading international brands like Core Spirit, Tony and Guy, Fred and Ginger, John Peter London, Anoosh London, Schwarzkopf EL/Essential Looks and many more. When I wasn’t on the ramp I used the opportunities backstage to learn how to become a successful designer. It takes vision, discipline, strategic skill and perseverance. At the time I was also studying and working part-time as a sales consultant for brands like Hugo Boss and Reiss.

I nearly became a pilot!
My childhood dream was to become a commercial pilot and throughout school I excelled in science subjects mainly physics and Additional Mathematics.  I completed my first degree in Aviation from City University London but destiny decided a completely different path for me. So I enrolled on a fashion design course at the London College of Fashion and recently completed my masters in Fashion Menswear at the University of Hertfordshire.

Guys…it’s time to throw out the rule book!
Modern menswear is primarily concerned with communicating individuality. In the past two decades there has been a shift in attitude that has encouraged the male consumer to undertake extreme measures to avoid conformity. Following the rulebook is not the prescribed method in being stylish anymore. Contemporary menswear provides men with the opportunity to express their individuality and I think this is the greatest luxury available.

My collection in three words…
Masculine, Provocative, Opulent

Five key pieces every man should have in his wardrobe…
A good well-fitted pair of jeans, leather jacket, very stylish blazer, good quality and fashionable luggage/gym bag and shoes. I love shoes! 

Alexander McQueen is my idol!
The late British 'bad boy' Alexander Mcqueen developed a reputation for controversy and shock tactics. He was known as 'the hooligan of the English Fashion' and has been one of my greatest inspirations to date. I also like Vivienne Westwood. Her appeal is huge and creativity immense. 

Colour inspires creativity
My collection Peacock Revolution celebrates bold, vivid colors but my previous Draped Modern Kouroi collection consisted of dark creations inspired by the Goth Subculture and Death. 

I’m not just adventureous in my designs
As a model I tried to take on versatile projects including underwear and modeling in nude art and I’m embarking on the same voyage in my designing career.

Nothing beats the euphoria of seeing your clothes on a catwalk!
There can be nothing more delightful for a designer than when he sees his creations transformed from paper into reality. I get flooded with a feeling of euphoria when I see models walking down the catwalks at prestigious weeks like London Fashion wearing my creations. When people chant your name out at the finale of a catwalk show, it’s simply surreal!

Danish Wakeel will be showcasing his new range at London and Milan Fashion Weeks in Februaty 2013.

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