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Bollywood inspired jewellery for Desi Girls and Desi Boyz

Posted: 04.07.12

Asian fashion wouldn't be the same without a sprinkling of bling. But shimmering studs, shining Swarovskis and glistening sequins are so passe...wear them as much as you can over the summer, as this Autumn is all about glitter.

Look out for gleaming fabrics, twinkling make-up and a fabulous new book by Asiana.TV's very own web ed Momtaz whose 101+ Things To Do With Glitter is going to kick start the glitter revolution...who said glitter was just for Christmas?

As well as her spangling guide to everything you need to know about the shimmery stuff (there are over 150 types in the book!) she's also launching her own brand of glitter and an accompanying range of glittery jewellery, inspired by her other love: Bollywood.
Each piece is handmade from the finest glittering fabrics, capturing famous filmi phrases. Every design has a limited run with new designs being updated to fit the latest in filmi talk.

She reveals: 'It's always intrigued me why Asians have a fascination with wearing black clothes for work and partying - the only time they embrace colour is when they're at weddings where it's bold and bling all the way. I'm hoping my jewellery range will entice them to introduce rainbow shades into their everyday wardrobe - and take it from me, I've been wearing my collection for the last few months to roadtest it and everytime I wear it, I have a smile on my face. It's a bit like a secret language, you get nods from other filmi fans, and it's great to make that connection with complete strangers.'

Momtaz's Bollywood jewellery range starts from £15 and be is available to purchase from her online store. Her book 101+ Things To Do With Glitter is published September 26th 2012.

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