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Smart designer workwear for the petite woman

Posted: 07.05.13

Why did you start your label Jeetly Petite?

Being petite myself, I found that there was a niche market for petite clothing. I went through many personal struggles to find clothes that would fit my petite bodyframe. During a trip to the Far East I found clothes that fit me perfectly and I wanted to bring that accessibility to women in the UK and Europe. So I felt it was time to make a change and design a clothing line for petite women who are 5'3 and under.

What problems do petite women face?
'Poor fit' and 'poor choice of styles' are the main clothing issues petite women encounter.
Standard sized garments are too long, droop over shoulders with a gaping neckline and excessive sleeve length. There is a lack of work wear in petite proportions that is both stylish and of premium quality. It is these issues that I aim to solve with Jeetly.

What will we find in your range?
Timeless garments in quality fabrics; styles that allow a seamless transition from day to night, so women can wear our garments and not only look chic and classy at work but also look feminine and sophisticated at dinner dates. Our designs are not purely fashion-led, they are meant to last season to season, year after year. Our outfits are investment pieces catered for professional women that can easily be updated with new accessories.

Who is your inspiration? 

I'm inspired by many but I love Coco Chanel's class and elegance. I derive inspiration from Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) with her iconic wrap dress and timeless styles and Roland Mouret's figure hugging silhouettes.

What elements of design are most important to you?
Fit and functionality. We spend a lot of time making sure that we get the fit right paying attention to all the details to flatter a petite woman. We ensure our fabrics are durable, machine washable, crease free and comfortable to suit today's working woman.

What advice do you normally give petite women about how they can look good?
Dress in tailored outfits, avoid wearing oversized clothes that swamp your frame. Well-fitted clothing makes you look taller and leaner. Wear garments in one colour and avoid busy prints. Different colors on top and bottom create a ‘cut-off’ that will make you look shorter, so avoid it if possible. V-necks are also a good way to extend your height and finish with a one-button blazer.

Tell us about your celebrity following.
Many TV weather and newsreaders have been seen wearing Jeetly Petite! Laura Tobin from Daybreak has worn dresses from our collection along with Lucy Verasamy and Lisa Maxwell.

What’s next?
We hope to have a global presence especially in Asia, India and China. We aim to be a premium quality global brand for petite women selling a range of products from maternity wear, to shoes and accessories to help make shopping easier for petite women, though we will always remain an online store.

Where can we find out!
Online! Our outfits are only available from our website The face of our brand is Kayleah Adams who is the petite WAG of footballer Shane Long, check out the site to see our full range and Kayleah modelling them.

by Navpreet Grewal

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