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Meet Madhuri Parsons the international jewellery designer every fashionista should know about!

Posted: 01.03.12

Congratulations you were the only Asian at London Jewellery Week, how did it feel?
It was amazing to see my designs on the catwalk, especially seeing the model wearing my signature, statement peacock necklace. People were surprised my collection wasn’t more bridal but if there’s the demand then I’m happy to extend my range – I’ve done engagement rings.

What sets you apart from other Asian jewellery designers?
I offer my client a service where I tell them how to accessorise the jewellery they purchased from me, like what colours will look good with it and how to wear it. The biggest challenge for a woman is when she has a jewellery piece, and she doesn’t know what to wear with it! I can look at your wardrobe and help you create day and evening looks! 

So how can we get two looks from one piece of jewellery?
 It’s all about elegance and versatility. Some of my pieces are detachable so you take parts off them to create the day and evening looks. Earrings are especially challenging, because you don’t want to wear chandelier earrings to work. 

Tell us about your Jadau collection?
My Rajasthani heritage and the ancient Jain temple carvings in India inspired those designs. When I was growing up and going to all the Indian functions my mum would adorn me with Jadau jewellery. It always had this beautiful enamelling, which in India was typically worn on the inside of the jewellery. So with my collections I have my signature black and gold intricate enamel motifs on the back of each piece which are adorned with magnificent coloured gemstones on the front. It’s very sheek and elegant and represents my western sense of style while combining my eastern traditions. 

So is your Rajasthani heritage a big influence on your designs?
I’ve launched four new collections; Jadau, Carved Tourmaline, Peacock and Gold. There was a gap in the market for versatile exotic jewellery so I created a collection that not only captures old world charm and modern-day aesthetics, but also can be worn for multiple modern looks. But it was really being Indian and working in western fashion that has been very influential. For example the peacock is India’s national bird and it was such a strong collection to design around. 

How do you achieve a balance between your eastern and western influences?
I’ve got the best of both worlds. When I’m in India I tend to go back towards my eastern traditions, but when I come back to New York I have to think about my target market which I don’t want to become niche. So I fused traditional techniques with classical styles and sophisticated shapes, creating a dramatic collection of unparalleled beauty. I put myself in the client’s position. I think I achieved that balance well because at London Jewellery Week, clients were telling me about my objectives without me even mentioning them! 

Who is your jewellery aimed at?
My biggest clientele tends to be women in their thirties, but the youngest client I’ve had is 18 years old and the oldest was 65. The pieces are symbolic of a woman’s complex emotions and I want the designs to celebrate their beauty.

A lot of women know what they want and can’t always find it…

I love creating bespoke custom-designing jewellery for the distinguished client looking to incorporate their own ideas into a one-of-a-kind mementos. I don’t use them again because they are made with the client’s own ideas.

You’ve done amazingly well for a year in the business, what’s your secret? 
Studying! I learnt about quality control and understanding the costing side of the business like jewellery pricing as well as marketing, sourcing, production and product development. I also studied jewellery design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and received a diploma from the Gemological Institute of America. I would recommend to anyone wanting to go into jewellery to go to school and college because the professors and teachers really help.

Where can we get our hands on one of your fabulous pieces?
I only launched my collection internationally in January 2011, but my biggest highlight so far has been that my first collection will be stocked in Harvey Nichols soon. They are also available exclusively in my New York and Los Angles showrooms. Prices range from £900-£16,000.

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