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Queen of pop Madonna goes desi with a nose ring…

Posted: 17.07.15

Pop legend Madonna is renowned not just for her music, but also for her looks over the years. The 56-year-old loves making statements through her image, and is not one to shy away from trying something edgy. Recently, she posted a zoomed in selfie wearing a nose ring in the middle of her nose. The personalised M gold ring might be slightly alternative but seems to suit her if one is going for a boho chic look or even a wild rock visage. However, she has come under heavy criticism of late for donning attire that is definitely too young for a lady in her 50’s, as well as imitating her teenage daughter Lourdes. It appears that the pop royalty is getting all her fashion trends from Lourdes, as she was also seen first wearing a nose ring, when lo and behold, mother dearest also follows suit with her nose ring selfie.

Mother and daughter might not even be aware of the desi roots of their latest fashion accessory, but it’s still awesome that a traditional South Asian adornment, typically worn in rural areas of desi countries is being rocked in the mainstream. Nose rings seem to be taking the Western pop world by storm, after Rihanna also scouted a desi model for her latest music video, after she posed with a nose ring. Power to the #noseringselfie!

Fariha Sabir

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