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Sarah Todd, a previous model of Asiana, has left the modelling world for tastier delights…

Posted: 18.03.15

Asiana model Sarah Todd, has shown the world why you should never judge a book by its cover. Not only has she travelled the world and worked for high end fashion labels, she successfully bagged herself a spot on MasterChef Australia and her career has been on an upwards spiral ever since.

Her journey began in the small town of Walkerston in Queensland Australia, where she was raised by a single mother. At just 18, Todd was discovered as a model and moved to Sydney under contract. Her career from here took off quickly as she travelled the world and worked for some of the biggest fashion names in the industry. Although her career was progressing at a rapid rate, something else caught her attention, when she discovered a love for food. Sarah describes her experience with different cultures of food as 'transformative'. She also expressed a fascination with the beauty and colours within Indian cuisine and her interest grew further when she met her other half who is of Asian heritage. 

On applying for MasterChef Australia, Todd recalls feeling nervous and unsure about her cooking talent at first, but her success on the show left her feeling liberated and determined instead. Her dishes were asian inspired, including her unforgettable mini samosa’s!  Although she was initially eliminated from the show, they called her and other ex contestants back with a chance of re gaining her place. Her undeniable talent and the creative flavours in her dish led her to another shot on the show. This experience allowed Todd to go from strength to strength.

Her ambitions are still running high since she recently visited India, as well as landed herself a job at a famous restaurant in Melbourne. Sarah has also just signed a cookbook deal and is extremely excited to see where it takes her. She has stated that her interest now lies in food rather than modelling, and we couldn’t be happier for her! 

Nikita Kharbanda

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