Model Profile: Anita Kaushik

The BINTM finalist talks life post reality TV

Posted: 28.11.12

Living the dream…
I’m only 20, I’ve moved to London from Southampton, I’m beginning my career as a model and I’m going out with a new, sexy man. This is just the beginning for me...

Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model
I always thought that either I would get out straight away or I would win it, so when it came to the top three I was still happy but I think I should have won. I think it came down to the guest judges and they didn’t like me enough, which is fine! My worst moment of the show was not when I had to face the tarantulas, but being on top of the CN Tower, Canada. It was one of the scariest moments of my life because I’m petrified of heights! I’ve been really busy since coming third on the show and have even been snapped up by FM modelling agency.

VB rules!
For slimmer girls, Victoria Beckham she really pulls outfits off well. People just used to think of her as a footballer’s wife but she has really made a mark for herself in the design industry. I also love Nicole Sherzinger. She has amazing style and I love what she wears on The X Factor. I think a lot of celebrities nowadays have really amazing style. Cheryl Cole as well. They really know what they are doing and how to work it. Though I probably wouldn’t be able to pull off something that Nicole would wear because I don’t have the same body as her.

Give us a break!
People really don’t understand how difficult it is to be a model. A lot of people think its just about posing in front of a camera, looking nice and having your hair and make up done all day. But the truth is you’re constantly getting rejected; are always under scrutiny about the way you look and you have to be really careful about your body and your skin. I think people need to give models a break because they don’t always understand the amount that we have to go through.

Learn to love yourself
I love being a model and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I take it all as it comes and love everything, including the ups, downs and rejection. Being a model, you have to know how to talk well as well. If I were a client I would rather book someone who had a bit of personality as well as being good at  posing. It sucks when you get rejected but you need to be thick skinned like I am. I think that’s what some of girls came under fire for in the show, because they needed to know how to deal with rejection a lot more. Even since the show, it hasn’t all been plain sailing. I didn’t just get an agent and then get loads of jobs. My biggest advice to being a model is to love yourself, if you don’t like the way you look, no one else will and if you don’t feel confident then no one else will have confidence in you.

Don’t give up
Modelling is all about trial and error. I don’t think any model comes into the industry and has the look or the style straight away. I’d like to carry on with modelling for as long as I possibly can then I’d like to get into presenting or more TV. I did really enjoy the show though I would never do reality TV again!

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Interview by Gayatri Sahay


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