Model profile: Shristi Shrestha

Miss Nepal 2012 went from waitressing to wearing high-couture fashion on the runway

Posted: 16.01.13

That’s life!
I never could have imagined that my waitressing job at a local café in Cornwall would open the doors to an international modelling career. One day I took an order from a photographer who was in Cornwall working on a bridal photoshoot. He asked me if I’d like to take part and I agreed and was used! It was like a dream, but just shows you can be approached anywhere, if you look the part! I have now been modelling full time for two years.

Food matters
One of the stereotypes I dislike about models is that they are stuck up and don’t eat. But I believe you have to eat well and keep fit in order to withstand the pressures that modelling throws at you. I run four times a week and take swimming lessons. I prefer not to diet but eat healthily throughout the day. My favourite dish is a traditional Nepali dish - mo-mo dumplings cooked with a fusion of Indian and Tibetan spices. It’s simply irresistible!

Coping with pressure
The fashion world is extremely stressful - it’s amazing the amount of preparation that lasts just a few minutes on the runway. I love the rush backstage and you get to meet so many girls, all getting ready for their big moment – it’s really exciting. But it’s not just the pressures of being part of a live show, there is pressure every day to maintain your model looks which means looking after your body physically, emotionally and mentally. Thankfully my family has always been a huge support.

Travel benefits
So far I have modelled in Thailand, India, Spain and France, done several editorials for Asiana Wedding Magazine and taken part in London Fashion week. Modelling has given me the opportunity to travel and see some of the most beautiful locations in the world. My dream modelling job would be to become a Victoria’s Secret angel…so perhaps the US will be on the cards one day. True fashionista I adore vintage dresses, especially from the 1940’s era. I also like feminine floor length gowns as they flow nicely, give me a great silhouette, and make me feel like a woman. 
Vivienne Westwood is one of my favourite designers as her collection is inspirational and makes you feel confident and powerful. I believe a woman can feel ten times more confident when she’s wearing the perfect dress.

Interview by Amandeep Dokal

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