Neha Ahmed

One of Pakistan’s biggest supermodels struts her stuff

Posted: 07.10.10

How did you get into modeling?
It wasn’t planned at all. I bumped into a couple of people from Libas International who asked if I’d be interested in a fashion assignment and it sounded like a fun thing to do.


You’ve modelled in both Pakistan and Britain…
I’ve appeared in campaigns for Walls, Gul Ahmad Textiles, U phone, Proctor & Gamble – wherever there is work for me in the world, I’m more than happy to show my face!


Modeling highlights?
I have won the Lux Style Awards for Best model consecutively for the past two years, and the Face of the Year award before that. I have done covers of almost all the leading magazines in Pakistan and of course, Asiana!


Model stereotype that frustrates you the most?
There are so many, but the myth that dark skinned models can’t get ahead irritates me. It’s not about colour, but attitude. 


You seem to prefer the moody look…
I can be smiley when I need to be! Sexy with attitude is the look most fashion photographers ask of me… 


Is there pressure to be a size zero in the industry?
Without a doubt, but luckily I was born with a nice figure. If I had to work hard at maintaining it, I’d have quit a long time ago. 


How do you keep fit?
I think positive, eat healthy food and never diet.


How image-conscious are you?
I like to look different and am very experimental when it comes to my image. I try not to look monotonous, and change my wardrobe according to my mood rather than trends.


Dream modeling job?
Cover of Vogue, please!


Wardrobe essential?
Scarves. Fashion without comfort isn’t for me. 

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