My Boobs Got Me Into Bollywood

How glamour model Shanti Dynamite went from viral video star to being the next big Brit in Bombay 

Posted: 15.07.13

Headstrong, humble and with more than a passing resemblance to Victoria Beckham, Shanti Dynamite is not your typical Harrow lass. With her killer heels, oversized shades and stick thin figure, she arrives at the Asiana offices the day before her 22nd birthday looking every inch the superstar. And rightly so. In some circles the half Sikh/half Greek bombshell is an A’list celebrity; to others she’s a new name about to cause waves in Bollywood.

Sophiya, (Shanti’s real name) knew early on she wanted to work in the glamour industry; she admits: ‘I had big boobs so I thought why not make something of them? I was a fan of Jordon and Jodie Marsh and I thought if they can do, it so will I…except mine are all real.’

As soon as she was 18, the legal age to do glamour modelling Shanti got some professional photos taken and sent them around to all the adult entertainment channels. She landed her first role on Babe Station, appearing on the Love In. It doesn’t sound that seedy, but was it? Shanti explains: ‘I used to sit on a bed for eight hours wearing lingerie taking phone calls from men. I heard every kind of scenario, from every kind of man imaginable – all ages, all races…I learnt so much, mainly from listening to their stories. Most just want to talk to a woman.’

One of her fans was a regular viewer from Singapore, who with a simple email changed Shanti’s life. She reveals: ‘He told me if I wanted to build a career I needed to do something different. Most glamour model’s careers end at 25, and he didn’t want me to become one of them.’ But is wasn’t just his concern that struck a chord, it was his advice. She continues: ‘He sent me a link to a tune called Roti Song and told me to record it, that if I did, he’d help it go viral.’

Fast forward a couple of weeks and the video consisting of Shanti making chapattis in bed and gyrating with a rolling pin didn’t just attract thousands of fans, it also got her a phone call from a Bollywood producer.

Her career as promised was about to take off. The man in question explained she could become big in India, but she would have to stop doing any kind of nudity as this would never be accepted by the audience. A glamour model, being told they’re not allowed to take off their clothes of is quite frankly crazy, but for the sake of her career, Shanti decided to take the advice. She reveals: ‘I work in the glamour industry but I’ve never been a porn star and now that I have my sights set on Bollywood, I’m never going to become one, my aims are much higher.’

Shanti’s biggest motivation is to put an end to sexual assault in India. She explains: ‘I was horrified by the Delhi rape case, it wouldn’t have happened if prostitution was legal. Men are made to bottle up their sexuality, they have no means to release it and that’s why rape is so high. If prostitution was legal, India wouldn’t have the same problems.’

Can it really be that ‘easy’? Shanti continues: ‘Other countries where prostitution is legal don’t have the problems India does, but of course I’m not just saying women should become prostitutes, but those who are should be supported and protected. This is an area I would like to work in, another is safe sex.’

Last year Shanti recorded an Aids Awareness video where she described in Hindi how to use a condom. Her homemade erotic videos and blog (which attracts 3000 users a day) are ensuring Shanti continues to get noticed. She gushes: ‘I don’t know how it happened so fast, one minute I’m making a dance video just for a joke and then get I get a Bollywood offer.’

The young, fearless lass is about to embark on her first assignment in Mumbai, to play a part in Chalo Doctor Doctor. She’ll also be taking intensive classes in acting, dancing and Hindi language ensuring she can tick all the boxes a director is looking for.

It almost sounds like a fairytale. And to think, it’s all because she was blessed with a phenomenal pair of breasts… ‘I have great boobs’, Shanti explains, ‘but it’s not all fun. Most of the time I have terrible backache as they weigh me down.’

Ah, so there’s nothing for us to be jealous of then. With that Shanti gets a call from her friends wondering where she is, it’s her last night of being 21 and the party is waiting.

Hopefully it wasn’t the only celebrating Shanti has in store this year.

Find out more about Shanti Dynamite on her blog

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