Nimisha Mehta

Why does a young, successful, intelligent woman swap a career in Law for the catwalk? Parminder Kaur finds out.

Posted: 31.10.12

You’ve heard of the film Legally Blonde… well I’m also evidence that looks and brains are possible!
I graduated in Law two years ago – so don’t mess with me, I really know my stuff! After qualifying and proving I was academic, I had a change of heart about my career and now I’m a full time actress and model both in India and the UK. However I’m still very studious and a big time book worm – I love indulging in books!

I caught the beauty bug early on

I actually started as a professional dancer, which eventually led me into modelling, and thereafter acting. My first pageant was when I was 17, Miss Maya, where I came in the top five and from there on, I never looked back!

I’m a big fan of beauty paegents
They will always have their critics but I believe they celebrate beauty and intelligence which is why I decided to enter this years Miss India UK. It’s an honour to represent two countries that mean so much to me. It’s also a great opportunity for young girls like me get recognition.

My Indian culture is important to me
Initially, my dancing skills and training gave me the opportunity to represent our Indian culture in the UK. Learning classical forms, which originated from India, helps keep culture and tradition alive. Through modelling, I do not take on any work that will disrespect Indian culture such as glamorous or lingerie. I do not believe a woman must be displayed in this way to show her beauty. Beauty comes from within.

It’s important to believe in yourself
Hard work is essential to accomplish any goal, but also dedication and the courage to take the initial step. In the beginning, it was difficult to show my family and friends why I had chosen this path and why I drifted away from Law; but I believe if you don’t enjoy work, you’ll never succeed in it. My parents were slightly reluctant at first to let me travel to Mumbai alone and work out there, bearing in mind the nature of this industry isn’t exactly welcoming. But over time they’ve seen how much I love what I do. I’m a strong minded girl and very passionate, so I fulfil everything I take on with 110%.

Coming up…
Apart from becoming an established and successful Indian actress, either in the UK or in India, I hope to give back to the community throughout. I want to raise awareness about issues like the fact girls are still unwanted in India. It is sad to see that people of this day and age still hold such outdated thoughts - I hope to change this, by inspiring young girls to understand their importance in this world.


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