Pakistan Fashion Week 7 London

Highlights from the weekend featuring the best Pakistani designers

Posted: 14.01.15

Pakistani fashion has become so popular and sought after, that it is now brought to London at least twice a year. This weekend, 27 leading and upcoming designers from Pakistan, as well as British Pakistani designers gathered at Russell Square, London to showcase their finest couture on the catwalk, as well as exhibiting their unique collections, attracting avid enthusiasts of Pakistani style clothing. Most notably, we witnessed stunning ensembles created by British based Bombay Stores, as well as Alizay, whose creative designs inspired by colourful truck art, embody the authentic spirit of Pakistan.

We spoke to model/actor turned designer Aijaaz Aslam, whose elegant couture stood out in all its stylish glory. When explaining what sets his brand and garbs compared to other Pakistani collections, he explained: 'Since my brand mainly focuses on the international market, we adapt the designs in accordance to whichever country we are showcasing the collection in, and each design has its own style, unique to the brand, which you will not find in any other Pakistani designer's collection. Our selection can be described as experimental, innovative and exceptional quality.'

What stole the show for us were Hamna Amir's sparkling jewellery pieces, all designed by herself but available to buy in UK. On behalf of Hamna, Shano Hashmi highlighted the most popular items that are appealing to ladies at the moment, such as jewels containing faux pearls, emeralds and rubies which resonated scenes from the vintage look of the movie Pakeeza. Regal and resplendent gems inspired from the Ottoman era also seem popular, whilst opulent Arabian themed designs also took precedence. However, for the less traditional and authentic look, contemporary diamante adornments are also available, and equally stunning.

Photography: Shahid Malik

Fariha Sabir 

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