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Model and Reality star, Anita Kaushik, gives us all the gossip!

Posted: 10.03.15

After a fiery first series, MTV's most conniving dating show, Ex On The Beach, is back, taking a fresh collection of guys and girls off on holiday in the hope of finding love. We got chatting to the gorgeous Asian supermodel Anita (a familiar face on the pages of Asiana Wedding Magazine) to get the low down on her rocky road to romance.

For anyone who hasn’t seen Ex On The Beach, could you quickly sum it up for us?
Ex on the beach is a new twisted reality dating show. Basically eight single people go to a villa abroad, where it’s a perfect sort of setting for some kind of holiday romance, but then slowly one by one, some ex’s will come in and just cause massive eruptions!

It sounds quite stressful!
Very stressful! I mean, when we got there we were all really excited and thought it was going to be great fun. You obviously keep in mind that it’s a reality TV show so you expect trouble but we didn’t know it was Ex On The Beach. When we found out we were all terrified. It was really, really manic for us because you don’t know who is going to come out of that water.

It looks very nerve-racking! What was your most hectic moment on the show?
Definitely when my ex came on. I think that was everybody’s most stressful moment. That was my most hectic day I’d say because with my ex, there was still very much feelings still there, I still cared for him and I hadn’t seen him for eight months because he had been in Australia. It was a real shock because you don’t know what to expect, in case they’ve come back for a reason.

Is there any unfinished business there?
Definitely! I think with Joe and me, we left on such good terms; we had a really good relationship, despite what he might say now! We were together for two and a half years. Actually when I first started working for Asiana we were together! When he left for Australia it broke my heart and I didn’t want to break his heart this time. We had a lot of stuff that we both needed to talk about, we needed closure and I felt that we did both get that in the end, as before I felt that neither of was completely over the other, but now we are.

You get quite close with Gaz from Geordie Shore; did his reputation not bother you?
When Gaz first came in, I was generally just a bit like oh its Gaz, I didn’t think, oh I’m going to fancy him. But I got to know the real him and he was actually a really nice guy. Sure, he has a reputation but you need to remember that what you see on Geordie Shore is a small part of what people are actually like. He hadn’t given me any reason not to trust him and I was just enjoying spending time with him.

Charlotte from Geordie Shore came on the show recently - were you worried when she arrived?
Yeah. Charlotte and Gaz have such an up and down relationship and they always end up together. I didn’t think any of the others in there would take him off of me but she was the one person I knew could, as she is someone Gaz really cares about. I do believe that he is always going to have some kind of love for her, whether that’s in love with her or just loving her as a friend. But then saying that, when I met her she was very sweet and didn’t try to mess anything up. Surprisingly, Gaz wasn’t really interested in getting back with her either, so it worked out for everyone!

Aw well that’s good. So, which of the boys do you prefer?
Right now I have to say Gaz. Only because with Joe even though there is so much history there, when I saw him again during the show, I didn’t feel that same feeling for him that I did when I first met him and I think I’ll never feel that way about him again; he’s an ex for a reason.

Do you still keep in touch with Gaz?
Yeah, I speak to him quite a lot actually; we’re still close. The thing with shows like that is you don’t have your phone, you don’t have a computer, so no Facebook, no Twitter, you don’t have anything, so you can put your complete all into a relationship and that’s what me and him both did. But when you leave there, you have your work and you have other priorities, so things get a bit on top of you. Even though it didn’t work romantically, we’re still good friends.

You had a little bust up with Kayleigh at the beginning of the show, she looks quite crazy! How was it being in the house with her after?
Well actually Kayleigh and me now live together! Obviously we got very close after the show. When I first met Kayleigh, she was one of those girls that I kind of had a bit of a wary eye on. I think she thought she couldn’t trust me and I felt the same way about her. She did do some irrational things, but she was just madly in love with her ex. She couldn’t help how she felt and I’m sure that if she wasn’t so crazy, she could have had a lot more fun there.

The show is airing at the moment; can you give us a little insight about what’s to come?
So, we have another two more exes left and you’re going to see my biggest meltdown yet. Everyone is going to see a bit of a different side to me, which I don’t know if I’m too happy about… Also, another well-known name is coming in and I’m sure he’s going to set a lot of hearts racing. A lot of the boys are going to feel very inferior to him. He’s very much the top dog, or so he likes to think. We have a few alpha males in the house together like Gaz and Rogan, so there’s bound to be some kind of eruptions.

Was it a worry to think about how your parents would react to seeing you on a show like that?
No, we actually watched it together! They thought I came across really well, which was nice.

Was it not awkward watching the show with your parents?
Not really, I think nowadays they know that this is what TV is, this is what things are. I’ve lived on my own for five years now, so they can’t really dictate to me what I can and can’t do. They haven’t lost any respect for me. Ex On The Beach is quite light-hearted compared to some of the other shows out there. I mean sure they do show some things that people might not want to see but it’s just a bit of fun at the end of the day.

What was your highlight from the show?
I know this is going to sound really cheesy and I’m sure everyone says it, but you do actually meet some really cool people on there. I love Jess and I mentioned earlier that Kayleigh and me are now housemates; she’s like one of my best friends! I still also see a lot of them; I was with Rogan the other day. Plus, you’re on a holiday; you’re getting paid to just basically have fun!

You’ve modelled for us at Asiana a few times, how have you found the experience?
I love it! Asiana was actually my first ever modelling job.

That’s good for a first!
Yeah I know! To be able to model for the biggest Asian Magazine is a pretty big achievement! I recently went to Tenerife with you guys for a shoot and it was so much fun! It was my first time abroad with Asiana and I’m sure it’s not going to be the last. I always have such a great time when I’m with you guys; it never really feels like work! I also judged for the Miss Asiana pageant, so there are so many things that have come out of it.

What advice would you give to any models starting up?
I actually get a lot of models asking me for advice when they’re starting up and I think the best advice I can give you is get yourself a good agent. I know most people would say take care of yourself and put yourself first, but genuinely my best advice is to get yourself a good agent because if you don’t have that, you can’t work.

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Interview By Zahra Suleman

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