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Posted: 01.03.12

What do you offer at Sachin Shyam?
We have two options for our clients – either they can choose something from our current collection, or they can opt for the bespoke service, where we create the pieces based on their ideas and concepts.
The Sachin Shyam Collection ranges from some very classic pieces right through to designs that are very contemporary. We, like all good jewellers, keep up with what is happening in the industry and make sure our clients can choose from the latest trends in jewellery fashion.

What makes your jewellery so unique?
Our bespoke pieces are unique because they are created specifically for the client. I sit with clients and learn about their stories and , so I can add that in to the design of the piece – especially when it is something as personal as an engagement ring or wedding band.
Jewellery is a form of expression and, at Sachin Shyam, we want every piece to be true to their personality and style.

Where does your inspiration come from? 
My job is to create designs for my clients that are both contemporary yet timeless.
I’m really into Asian style: not what you see in Indian jewellery shops but more to do with the lavish and extravagant culture. I also really like some of the more classic English and Italian themes that most of the big diamond houses stick to with their core pieces.
My favourite pieces are always the simplest, although I’m not afraid to step out of the norm when it comes to making a statement with jewellery.
It might sound corny but I’m also hugely inspired by my fiancé’s style. In line with her expensive taste in French handbags, she likes bold designs to complement her other accessories. It’s always a big compliment when I manage to impress her!

What designs are in at the moment?
As with fashion, jewellery moves in phases and we see trends come and go. These days we see a lot more Fancy Cuts (such as Cushions, Marquises, Hearts and so on) and many clients like designs where the solitaire is set with surrounding stones – a bit like the Tiffany Legacy Ring.
Fashions change – often directed by the latest celebrity ring that is making the headlines.
However I will always insist that your engagement ring should be timeless. That and your wedding band are the two pieces of jewellery that you are unlikely to change for the next fifty years, so it’s important for these to be truly personal and withstand the test of time and age! 

What are today’s customers looking for?
My customers are trend-setters. They want to stand out from the crowd and be original. They want the premium quality and design of the big diamond houses without the inflated prices.
The other challenge that the new generation of customers face is that they are time poor – which is why we cater to their demands and fit around their schedule. Sachin Shyam offers appointments until 9pm most evenings. I want my clients to enjoy the experience of choosing jewellery in a comfortable, stress-free environment.


Can you cater for any style and design in jewellery? 
Absolutely, as long as it is within the parameters of practically and physically being able to make the piece. 
We will, however, only recommend designs and make jewellery that will be adequately strong and secure for your diamonds.

What does the consultation process involve?
This is a critical part of the design process. We start with a detailed discussion over the phone to ensure that when we meet at the first appointment, I can already have some ideas prepared for them – these can be sketches, mood boards or sample rings. 
We then move to refining and embellishing the designs. We use the latest technology to show our clients what the ring could look like in the various stages of development – to the point of even having a virtual version before we go into production. 
So from beginning to end the client is involved in the creation of their ring. It’s personal, it’s bespoke and it’s unique. We have one rule for quality assurance: if it’s not a hundred percent perfect it won’t cross our clients’ eyes.

Is it all about diamonds and white gold these days?
We are specialists in diamonds, but work with other precious stones. With engagement rings, most people these days prefer just diamonds. With some of the heavy sets and statement jewellery we often combine diamonds with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls.
I think that both Platinum and White gold will never go out of fashion; a white setting will always look great with diamonds.
We are doing a lot more work in yellow gold these days – 18ct yellow gold shares the same colour as a lot of designer bags and shoes, which of course must compliment your jewellery. Different metals are a great way of adding personality to jewellery.  

How is your Ealing Road service different from your Harrow branch?
The whole purchasing experience is completely different – it’s high street vs haute couture. Shyam Jewellers on Ealing Road is very much the ‘family’ store with traditional jewellery and a raft of staff to show you the ranges available.
Sachin Shyam is completely the opposite. We have a private boutique in the heart of Harrow on the Hill. As it’s an ‘appointment only’ service, we have more time to spend with clients to discuss and develop ideas. It’s a very personal, intimate and exclusive experience. And unlike Ealing Road there is ample parking! 

Anything in your collection to interest our men?
Absolutely – men no longer sit quietly and agree to wear just a simple plain band. We create anything from diamond belt buckles dog tags and cufflinks, to bands in 18ct rose gold and matching pieces that mean something to the couple. These days men’s jewellery can be as bold or subtle as you want – there are no rules.

• Sachin is Asiana’s resident diamond expert. To view his latest collection log on to


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