Sai Fashions: August 2015

Sumptuous and sophisticated styles for the summer 

Posted: 12.08.15

As the end of summer is nigh, Sai Fashions latest collection reflect this perfectly, featuring a range of gorgeous bright fuchsia, pastel blush, mint and florals on swooping and floating skirts, which will complement the last remnants of rays of sunshine and blue skies, whilst the printed florals and patterns are also stunning on darker shades like decadent indigo and classic ivory, reflecting this transitional period of the seasons. For those who prefer subtle designs, graceful saris and fishtail skirts are elegantly finished with wide embellished borders, adorned with velvet and gilt.
Earrings: Leju London                                            Cuff: Lola Rose
Bracelet: Ottoman Hands                                       Earrings: Lola Rose
Ring: Ottoman Hands

Earrings: Leju London                                           Necklace: Oceanic
Cuff: Leju London                                                 Ring: Oceanic
Necklace: Leju London                                          Earrings: Leju London
Ring: Ottoman Hands

Ring: Chi 22                                                         Ring: Oceanic
Cuff: Leju London                                                 Earrings: Ottoman Hands
Earrings: Leju London                                           Cuff: Oceanic

Hair & Make-up: Rani Bhogal

All outfits available from Sai Fashions
189 Queens Rd, Manchester M8 0RB

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