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T-shirts that celebrate South Asian quirks by Wild Clove

Posted: 23.09.13

It was love at first sight when we stumbled on Dina Thanki’s humorous range of t-shirts, bags and greeting cards. Themed with some of our favourite things like chai and ladoos;  you’ll be just as hooked as us when you see them. Question is, which one of her products should you order first?
Gayatri Sahay catches up with the new designer to find out more.

Your label is called Wild Clove, is that because you like things to spicy?

I wanted something different that embraced my decision to start my own company and also the culture of the business. The clove part comes from the Indian spice, and yes it is a key ingredient in one of my favourite drinks – masala chai! 

What inspired you to create the collection? 

It's something I had always struggled with - whenever there was an occasion and I went into a card shop I couldn't find something appropriate that conveyed the message. I used to always design personalised cards and I sensed there was a gap in the Asian market for cards that had a message but also a sense of humour.

Your first collection The Hungry Indian was exceptionally popular…what is your favourite slogan from the range?

Ah! There are so many! I think my favourite is ‘my mum is the bestest roti maker’, (because she is!)

Kids can wear the designs, but any plans for bigger sizes?

Right now it's mainly cards, totes and children's t-shirts but I have huge plans. At the moment I manage this along side my day job and so it’s hard finding time to extend the collection but I am looking to bring out a kitchen range in the next year.

How can we get our paws on your products?

You can buy directly from my website. There's also a shop in Leicester that sells them. People in America seem to love the cards so I hope I can develop a range for them to. You can also catch me at trade fairs like Top Drawer in London in January and the Spring Fair in Birmingham in February.

Wild Clove

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