Sanober Hussain

Miss Pakistan World opens up about life in the limelight

Posted: 17.08.12

You’re the Miss of everything! How did that come about?
I was Miss Sheffield 2011, a Miss England 2011 semi- finalist and am currently Miss Pakistan World, a Miss Earth finalist and Miss Earth Friendship – to be Miss Friendship I had to beat off stiff competition from Miss India and Miss England. But my story isn’t like anyone else’s. I didn’t start doing beauty pageants when I was a schoolgirl, like a lot of youngsters try and do, I waited until I finished university.

Isn’t that too old to be a model?

It wasn’t until I was 16 that I knew what mascara was – it’s never too late to take up your dreams! After university I returned home to Sheffield and as a break from my books, I decided to enter Miss Sheffield and won. It was amazing to be Pakistani and win an award like that! It opened up a lot of doors and that’s how I became a Miss England finalist – I was competing against so many beautiful girls, I still can’t believe I’ve got so far.

And now you’re not just a model, but a model who’s intelligent!
I have a Psychology degree from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)  - education is definitely important to me – it’s good to stimulate your mind.

What’s been the most glamorous job you’ve landed?
Well my proudest moment was being a Pakistani model at London Fashion Week. It was an amazing experience and the designer who’s clothes I was modelling Zainav Sajid was lovely. It’s also been fantastic being crowned Miss Pakistan. I’m a role model and I hope my independence as a Pakistani woman will break barriers for other girls to come through. I never thought I could achieve a title like this, sometimes I have to pinch myself!

And the unglamorous ones?
I’ve done a lot of jobs that aren’t related to modelling! When I was sixteen I worked at Waitrose in Sheffield, then Hugo Boss and Halifax bank when I was studying at university. Currently I’m also working at a private hospital in Sheffield that deal with areas such as depression and mental health. It’s always good to balance modelling with another career.

How conscious are you of your image?

In modelling everyone is conscious but I’m not vain and how I look doesn’t dictate my life.  I enjoy exercise it’s a great way to de-stress. I go to the gym three times a week and I love boxing and swimming. Keeping fit is good not just for the physical effects but mental stamina too.

What kind of goals do you have?
I have a lot of respect for Princess Diana. I respect how having such a high status never stopped her doing things like visiting orphans. She was very humble and achieved so much. She is someone I aspire to be like – someone with a good heart who doesn’t just care about money.

Interview by Amandeep Sathi

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