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Feel sexier & slimmer without getting sweaty

Posted: 11.12.12

With party season in full swing, you’ll no doubt be engaging in the ‘what to wear’ crisis with your girlfriends. The trouble is as December is the month when we’re indulging rather than watching what we’re eating, finding a dress that hides the evidence can be a challenge.
Thankfully we’ve found the answer and it doesn’t involve having to undertake an emergency detox! Body Wrap Bride is a brand new shapewear collection exclusively designed to smooth and shape all image conscious brides on their special day and doubles up as an essential buy for any woman who wants to create a more flattering silhouette.
Using the same special seamless technology used cross Body Wraps other best-selling shapewear range, the collection features distinctive cuts and beautiful lace panelling to slim strategic points on the body. The bridal line is designed to enhance natural curves and smooth the silhouette for that once-in-a-lifetime big day. For the rest of us, it gives a slimmer look that enhances the figure and provides that exceptional toned look that is so hard to achieve if we’re not gym bunnies.

How Does it Work?
The panelling within each piece allows for areas to be either slimmed down or naturally lifted. Cleverly designed ‘lifting zones’ in the derriere and softer pockets ensure the buttocks are not flattened, while the tummy and waist areas house a firmer panel to help flatten and slim. Fabrics are breathable and provide moisture management so you won’t feel constricted or uncomfortable.

Silhouettes in the Bridal Collection include: the high-waist panty, the bra slip, the bodysuit, the high- waist long-leg panty, and the high-waist thong all available in white or ivory and in sizes S/M/L/XL. 
Prices range from £38.95 for a thong to £67.95 for a body suit.

Photography by Alexandre Pichon
Hair and make-up: Abstrakt Beauty, Kim Purewal, 07970 444927

Kim Purewal
07970 444927

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