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Nikita Karizma’s handmade dress for Tess Daly

Posted: 26.03.13

No, we never thought we’d be writing about a dress made from Colour Catcher sheets either, but here we are and it’s currently the in thing!
You know that annoying feeling when a blue sock gets mixed up with your whites and you end up with a tie-dye effect? Or that frustration when coloured garments fade?
Well DYLON® Colour Catcher® Double Action sheets stop that from happening and to get the word out about this miracle wardrobe saving must-have, they commissioned designer Nikita Karizma to make a dress out of them.

You read that right! Nikita who is the daughter of the designers behind Asian fashion and bridal brand Variety Silk House, has already cut a name for herself since she graduated from The London College of Fashion having dressed X-Factor stars JLS, Little Mix and Amelia Lily.

She constructed the dress from 500 colour catcher sheets which model and TV presenter Tess Daly was stitched into. The mermaid shape design adopts a structured corset style, with top bodice boning and buckles on the bust made up of stiffened DYLON® Colour Catcher® Double Action sheets.
The lower half of the dress takes on a scalloped, tiered layer structure which builds up the striking voluminous hem.

Ok, so you may not fancy making your own but you should definitely get hold of some sheets. Trapping loose dyes and preventing dye build up on other garments, they will make your clothes last longer and look better!

To find out more about Nikita visit

For more information about DYLON® Colour Catcher® Double Action visit

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