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The fashion blogger behind The Singh Street Style blog Pardeep Singh Bahra reveals while Sikh men have it nailed when it comes to dressing up


Posted: 12.07.13

Singh Street Style is a celebration of the creativity and originality of British Sikh men.
Launched by blogger, photographer and down right dapper gentleman himself Pardeep Singh Bahra (22), the website is a chance to browse the street style and everyday looks of some of the most style savvy guys in the UK.
But don’t take just take our word for it, one look and you will be utterly inspired. Though before you get engrossed by the turban trendsetters check our what Pardeep told us about Sikh Chic in an exclusive interview for Asiana.TV.

All images by Pardeep Singh Bahra

I’m not the most fashionable of guys but I know what I like!
I grew up in Essex and back then I had zero interest in clothes. It was only when I went to university in London that I discovered people made an effort with their appearance and I started to get inspired. I used to see how mannequins were styled in shops and then try looks out on myself. My biggest inspiration is people I meet, especially the ones I feature on the blog. My own style has started to develop since keeping the blog, I’ve definitely developed an appreciate for bow-ties.

Hold your head up high

As my interest in fashion began to grow I started reading fashion blogs but I noticed that Sikh men were not represented. I decided I could fill that gap, not just to inspire other Sikhs but to show all kinds of people that you should never let religion stop you experimenting with fashion and vice versa. Whether you’re Muslim, Christian, Sikh or any other religion, you should be proud of who you are and how you dress.

Turban trends
The blog focuses on men who wear turbans but there is no right way to wear one. Some guys  wear it more traditionally while others go for Rastafarian twists. I like to wear mine African style. I’m hoping to get lots more different types of people seen wearing turbans, perhaps someone like Jay Sean. We’re in talks with various DJs and producers and I hope to do special guest photoshoots with them. In fact we have one coming up with a special Canadian star…

Style has no age barrier
Although I tend to photograph street style on men that are in their 20s and 30s as they are the ones who tend to be out and about, I’ve discovered that there are no generational divides when it comes to taking care of your appearance. I’ve featured all ages from 15 (a trendy teenager) to 102 (Fauja Singh) the world’s oldest marathon runner.), all unique and individual in their own way.

You don’t need money to have a good sense of style
Most of the guys I’ve featured on the blog, shop in the high street. All the usual stores like H&M and Top Man. You certainly don’t need to wear designer clothes.

Take a risk
If you see something you like in a shop try it on. It’s only when you’re in the changing room that you’ll truly get to see if you like it and how it looks on you. Don’t worry about asking other people’s opinions, if you like it, buy it!

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