Silons November 2013

Make a statement with dramatic designer womenswear 

Posted: 25.11.13

Eclectic, yet elegant, the new womenswear collection from Silons captures the right level of drama to appeal to a modern fashionista while showcasing the rich creativity of traditional design. From a triple tone mermaid shade sari to a candy cane themed suit and extraordinary black and yellow long-length anarkali; this is couture that will capture your imagination. Vibrant and versatile, each piece in the range has its own unique feel, that was made for getting you noticed during the party season. Whether you're after a new frock or flamboyant fusionwear, the beauty doesn't just lie in the overall look, but the details. Shaped bodices, layers of lace, cascading embellishments and ornate trims come together to create timeless pieces that will be the talk of the occasion. 

Bracelet & ring: Oceanic Jewellers                          Necklace & earrings: Accessorize

Bracelet & earrings: Oceanic Jewellers               Bracelet: Oceanic Jewellers Necklace: Pebble London
Necklace: Pebble London Shoes: Dune               Earrings: Jon Richard

Jeweller: Accessorize                                       Jewellery: Oceanic Jewellers        

Bracelet: Guess Earrings: Accessorize                         Bracelet: Azuni 
Ring: Oceanic Jewellers                                              Other jewellery: Oceanic Jewellers

All outfits available from Silons
303-305 Soho Road, Handsworth,
Birmingham, B21 9SA
t:0121 551 6591

Make-up: Sophie Afreen
Hair: Aamir Naveed
Photographer" Alexandre Pichon

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