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Meet our new super stylish and incredibly lovely girl crush...

Posted: 23.02.15

We bumped into the beautiful Amira Awan at the Asiana Bridal Show and fell in love with her outfit, shortly followed by also falling in love with her. The sweet, bubbly Copenhagen girl was at the show with her fiancé to finalise a few last minute details for their big day. We were also assured that it wasn’t a coincidence when we pointed out their matching monochrome tops!

A few minutes with Amira and one thing becomes apparent, she absolutely loves fashion and her enthusiasm is completely contagious.

Can you explain your style to us?
I take inspiration from nature because it teaches me how to combine the right colours together. I feel that my style is classy, innovative and creative because I can make reasonable priced clothing look expensive. You can also mix current fashion with your own style, you don’t just have to copy it, turn it into your own identity. It says who you are as a person.

What is your must have item?
Jewellery! I simply love jewellery and accessories. The three things that complete an outfit are a necklace, belt and earrings.

Do you have a fashion no, no?
Clashing colours! A wrong combination of colours can completely ruin an outfit. I have four rules that you should always follow to avoid this, which are:
1. Similar colours.
2. Complementary colours
3. Triad colours
4. Neutral colours

If a friend or family member had a clashing outfit on would you tell them?
Yes I would with a doubt tell them. All my family members and friends know that I always tell them what’s on my mind, especially when it looks like they have borrowed a costume from a circus!

What is your process for putting together a general outfit?
It’s to blend an old style with a current trend. You will then get a style, which will remain immortal.

We’d love to know about how you and your partner travelled here from Denmark, was it just for the Asiana Bridal Show?
Yes, our main reason was to attend the Asiana Bridal Show, as we wanted to buy a sherwani for my fiancé. I travelled to Pakistan last year but didn’t seem to find anything, so I thought it would be a great idea to come and get some inspiration from the show. We also needed a videographer for the wedding, as we couldn’t really seem to find any professionals who do Desi weddings.

How have you found your time here?
My fiancé and I really enjoyed the Asiana Bridal Show; we thought it was really inspiring and interesting.

Is the fashion different in Denmark compared to the UK?
Yes, there is a big difference between UK and Denmark in both western and Desi fashion. People in Denmark are very conservative on fashion. I would even say that Pakistan and India are much more open for the latest trends. It had to be mainstream before something is trendy in Denmark.

If you could be anything in the world what would it be?
A designer. I’m actually working towards being one! It’s a dream I’ve had since I was 14 years old but it has constantly been a big challenge for me as my parents had different views and wishes for my future. They wanted me to go into the financial world, which I did do. So, now I’ve made their dream come true, it’s now my turn to live my dream with my fiancé. We are both creative and innovative, which means that when we create our business it will reflect us both. It’s in the beginning stages at the minute but I’m really excited about it. Our first goal is to get married this summer and then we can work on the business.

How is planning for the wedding going?
It’s nearly done! We just have to fulfill the plan to reality.

Are we allowed to know what you’ll be wearing?
I’m wearing the same dress as that my mum wore on her wedding day, but I have modernized the style so it looks more current. I wanted to highlight the classic fashion that has been renewed.

Aw that sounds lovely! To finish off, can you tell us something funny about you?
I’m always in heels, which can be a pain sometimes. I had to run for the bus the other day; I looked like bambi on ice!

To see more of Amira, check out her Instagram and Facebook. Also, watch this space as the gorgeous fashonista will be starting up her own blog in May! 

Interview by Zahra Suleman

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