Sunita Mukhi

Provocative luxury handbags
By Alice Howard, Celebrity Beauty Stalker

Posted: 18.03.13

I like to call her ‘The Asian Provocateur’ and after witnessing her her suggestive accessories you’ll see why!
There's no ordinary, silver lined handbags here - Sunita's creations are far more flamboyant. Specialising in luxury, exotic bags made from irresistable fabrics, these vivacious bags have so much personality, it takes a strong confident woman to be seen with one.

Born in Malta to Indian parents Sunita was exposed to the textiles industry from a young age as her family were involved in a textile business.
She encountered opulent, rich fabrics in ravishing shades from all over the world. This explains why she has such a knack for creating original and unique designs like a hangbag that can worn as a ring and clutches made from exotic animal skins. Her bejewelled range is equally exquisite, if you love sparkles, you will be astounded by her shimmering designs.

Her capsule collection contains pieces that are all named with fun and frivolous names like The Event, The Timeless, The Artful and The Hollywood - each are glamorous and pay tribute to the strong Women of the past, present and future - her goals include seeing The Duchess of Cambridge and Hollywood’s Charlize Theron clutching a Sunita Mukhi creation! She says: 'Women have not had an easy time achieving greatness but even in the face of daunting odds, they still manage to rise to the top and it is this Woman that the capsule collection celebrates'.

Sunita's bags were recently showcased at The Asiana Expo giving the brand a taste of international won't be long until her designs are celebrated all over the world, but don't wait until then. Snap one up now before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon.

Sunita Mukhi  

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