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Fashion fit for a Don

Posted: 15.04.13

It sounds like a hoax, but it’s not! Gold has long been of importance in South Asian culture but now one man has proven that it doesn’t just need to be worn as jewellery and accessories – it can simply be worn! Golden Boy Datta Phuge from Pimpri-Chinchwad, has long had a fascination with the glittering stuff and like other bling fans wears it on a daily basis in the form of chunky bracelets and giant medallions but nothing compares to his most recent purchase: a shirt made from pure gold worth £162,000 and weighing a staggering 3.3kg.

The specially commissioned shirt took 15 days to make and was woven by 16 labourers. The task itself was undertaken by Rankar Jewellers, a 133-year-old business in Pune, whose usual requests are for weddings. Speaking about the challenge, Tejpal Rankar, of Rankar Jewellers said: ‘Once we decided to make the shirt we researched designs and patterns. We didn't want it to be like wearing a sheet of gold.’ The final garment was inspired by royal armour and is lined by velvet for a more comfortable fit. It can washed and worn as normal.

Ok, so how can we get our hands on a golden gown without having to marry this man? (He’s actually already married and has already treated his wife to 500kg of gold…lucky woman!) Datta claims he’s from a humble background but every time his business makes a profit he treats himself to a piece of gold and that’s how his collections has grown so steadily.

Indians are thought to be the world’s biggest consumers of gold, as it represents a symbol of wealth…but we’re not sure how tasteful it is - would you wear a gold shirt?

Images by CEN.

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