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Bee Prepared Immune Support, voted ‘Best Supplement 2011’ launches two new products

Posted: 06.03.12

Making it easier for busy people to be healthier naturally is what UK based UnBEElievable Health is committed in doing. New BEE Prepared Daily Defence and Max Strength supplements help keep your immune system fighting fit to help keep colds & flu at bay. Using only the highest quality natural-source ingredients, all which have a proven history of benefits when is comes to helping support the immune system, Bee Prepared supplements contain a powerful combination of anti-oxidants, bioflavonoids and natural anti-viral & anti-bacterial properties.

BEE Prepared Daily Defence immune support contains a combination of high quality natural ingredients be taken once a day for daily immune system maintenance. RRP: £9.99

BEE Prepared MAX Strength includes additional ingredients, Astaxanthin and Reishi Mushrooms to combat the first signs of illness. RRP: £11.99

Ethical & Multi Award-Winning BEE Prepared immune support:
•Research based formulas •Nothing artificial & no GMs •Vegetarian Society approved • Highly concentrated so fewer tablets required • Multiple award winning • Suitable for children • Made in the UK from high quality EU sourced ingredients

Helpful for:
•Colds & flu Before & during travel •Sports, training & fitness •Exams • When feeling run down
•Daily maintenance of your immune system •Hay fever

•Bee Propolis • Black Elderberry •Olive Leaf •Beta Glucans •Astaxanthin (MAX Strength version only) •Reishi Mushrooms (MAX Strength version only)
In addition to keeping you healthy, UnBEElievable Health do their part to keep the planet healthy as well:
•Carbon footprint is kept low by sourcing ingredients in the EU & manufacturing products in the UK. • A portion of the proceeds of each box sold is donated to Vitamin Angels, an amazing charity that delivers essential vitamins to
children in need. •UnBEElievable Health work hard to raise awareness about the worldwide decline of bee colonies.

More information can be found
online at
Facebook: UnBEElievable Health

Top 5 Recommendations to Fight Colds and Flus Naturally:

• Reduce caffeine.
Caffeine is an anti-nutrient substance, which can reduce your body’s natural defences to viral and bacterial infections.

• Eat your 5 a day.
Fresh, bright coloured fruit and leafy, green vegetables will provide nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc and antioxidants, which support the body’s natural defences.

• Reduce sugar.
Sugar taxes the immune system by feeding bacterial growth and contributing to inflammation in the body.

• Sleep.
Lack of sleep and recovery time can reduce the body’s immune function.

• Take natural supplements.
Bee propolis, elderberry and olive leaf extracts, beta glucans and reishi mushroom are not found in a normal diet but have proven antibacterial and antiviral actions in the body. BEE Prepared Immune Support has a potent combination of all of these.

Erin McCann NT ND mBANT
Nutrition Consultant for Unbeelievable Health


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