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Hrithik’s incredible transformation 

Posted: 20.05.13

Any excuse to write about Hrithik and publish a photo of him looking ultra yummy. Today’s reason…he’s just revealed some of his best-kept secrets and of course, we had to share. His royal hotness who was recently named ‘Asia’s Sexiest Man’ is looking fitter than ever ahead of the release of Krrish 3 but just how did he get into such fine shape?

Hrithik has admitted he’s been given a helping hand by fitness trainer and guru Kris Gethin, who has facilitated his whole fitness plan for Krrish 3.
Kris is known for his ability to ‘transform’ bodies and his book Body By Design is an international best-seller.

Before the two of them hooked up, Hrithik admits he was in a terrible state. He explains: ‘I was injured and lying in bed for months and feeding off all the love of my family in the form of brownies, cupcakes and chocolate. Eventually, when I got up, I had a 36-1/2-inch waist!’
As a result, Hrithik couldn’t fit into his Krrish superhero costume.

Hrithik needed help and came across Kris online – he read his book and was also impressed by the fact he was called Kris! Unaware of Hrithik’s A’list fame Kris came to Mumbai and set him up on a 10-week transformation programme. Hrithik went from a 36 1/2-inch waist to
30 inches and lost 10 kilos (22 pounds.)

If you’re wondering just what regime Kris put Hrithik through, check out his new book, The Guide to Your Best Body – Hrithik attended the book launch last week and recommends it to anyone who wants to get leaner and stronger fast. 

Showing you the cardio and cross-training techniques they worked through, it’s the ultimate body building bible for men.

The Guide to Your Best Body by Kris Gethin is out now

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